17 US veterans commit suicide per day (6,000 per year); the mental health struggles are immense and we have to dig deep and find ways to help them ALWAYS; the most special among us

by Paul Alexander

These are the very best of us, our police too; they cannot do it on their own, its hard to reach out often so we have to 'understand'; https://www.americaswarriorpartnership.org/; 1-866-AWPVETS

Many good people, healthy people, died due to the lockdowns. We cannot debate this now not understanding the ravages of the lockdowns.


Each day 17 veterans commit suicide. A new campaign featuring soldiers' stories is trying to change that.

This organization helps and works to prevent suicide among vets, let us help support this organization, this wonderful initiative:


Tel: 1-866-AWPVETS for vets to reach out for help