1970 versus 2021, what happened? Is it any wonder this influenza like illness, via whatever chimera gain-of-function madness Fauci & Ukraine & Daszak developed in the lab, did so much damage? we are

by Paul Alexander

really unhealthy! if it were the common cold, it could cause damage, just look on, & with the school closures & lockdowns, now we created more obesity & obesity was the super loaded COVID risk factor

Behind age and medical conditions, obesity was a key risk factor for severe outcomes with COVID.

And what did you just say? ‘Oh you hurt my feelings, you fat shamed us’…why? I say it out of love and kindness, I try each day to do some healthy stuff, to move, to be active, and it’s damn hard, all societal forces against you/me, but you got to try and push…get to hell off the couch, sell the damn tv, throw away the masks, get busy, toss the iPhone, and move. Get busy. Do not normalize what is not normal for the rate we are going, soon all our fire men and women and police will look like the 2021 photo.

We have to wake up and start taking care of ourselves, our bodies, our lives. Patterning it to our children.

I know the photo really is a bit of embellishment but it is to send a message for it is not that far off of reality today.