21 studies, reports, evidence pieces I felt worthy of a share with you in case you missed these as of April 7th 2022

by Paul Alexander

I am sharing what I think is important to inform us, and you decide; this is about sharing

1)CDC: 70% of COVID Cases Among CDC Employees in August 2021 Were in Vaccinated Employees; Walensky claims she was unaware the shots might lose effectiveness over time.

2)New COVID-19 variant XE identified: What to know and why experts say not to be alarmed

3)U.K. Covid Cases at Highest Level as Immunity Wanes, Study Finds

4) Covid Cases in China Hit Record, as Shanghai Extends Lockdown; More than 80% of the country’s latest daily cases were in Shanghai, where millions of people are confined to their homes

5) Ofsted Report exposes how Government Covid-19 Policy has devastated Children’s Lives and hindered Development

6) Official Government data shows the Triple Vaccinated have suffered 80% Immune System Degradation as Vaccine Effectiveness falls to MINUS-391%; suggesting they are developing a new form of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

7) It’s Time to Follow the Science, Kennedy

8) Niall Ferguson: Seven Worst-Case Scenarios From The War In Ukraine

9) NYC Lawyer Fired After Questioning Mayor Eric Adams on Mask Mandate for Toddlers

10)‘Natural Immunity Works and Pfizer Knows It,’ FDA Document Dump Reveals

11) Boris Johnson: Parents should have say in kids’ ‘gender transition,’ males shouldn’t compete in female sports

12)Exclusive: 34-Year-Old Died After Pfizer Shot, Mother Shares ‘Ridiculous’ Letters From CDC

13)Concerned Canadian fills gap in COVID vaccine adverse events reporting

14) Germany intercepts Russians’ talk of indiscriminate killings in Ukraine

15) Mocked as ‘Rubble’ by Biden, Russia’s Ruble Comes Roaring Back

16) COVID cases rise again in half the states

17) Second COVID booster (4th) shot wanes; extends protection for just a few weeks, study shows

18) Memo Reveals State Department Assessed in Early 2020 That Lab Leak Was Most Likely Origin of COVID-19

19) Igor’s tack, brilliant scientist ; I share Igor’s stack for he is smart, well informed, and detailed, so support him, subscribe as you wish

20)TAKE VLAD Putin’s ‘secret’ doctor and dancer daughters hit with sanctions after tyrant dad’s horrific war crimes in Ukraine

21)Grooming children into LGBT ideology; is this real?