6 (six) lies, frauds that doomed a sitting POTUS that the CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins et al. used to harm US population & damage POTUS: 1) over-cycled PCR test 2)asymptomatic spread

by Paul Alexander

3)that we were all at equal risk of severe outcomes if exposed e.g. 10 yrs old - risk to 85 year old 4)no early treatment exists 5) natural immunity inferior to vaccinal immunity 6)recurrent infection

The over-cycled over sensitive fake fraud PCR test was the one tool used by Fauci and Birx to hurt Trump and they did electorally…he still does not understand how badly the lockdowns hurt him, harmed people…he trusted Fauci and Birx to lead the lockdowns and it was the greatest mistake he made for they were subverting him in the open…

They lied with each of those charts daily on the COVID briefings, meant to spook Trump (and they did, who would not be spooked?) daily and the people, but all a fraud, for they knew that the infections were NOT cases of disease and were largely false positives. We locked people down, sent kids homes, closed business, caused massive suicides, and did it all on a lie, the PCR test was a fraud and they all knew it, NIH, FDA, all of them.

Recurrent infection was a lie, there was no evidence. Today, omicron is a sufficiently different variant and one could argue virus/strain given the 15 or so mutations on the spike. And this is NOT due to issues intrinsic to the virus…no, that too is a lie, it is the COVID mRNA shots that are driving these mutations with the sub-optimal pressure on the spike; natural selection is selecting out for the most infectious variants. If we wish to keep this pandemic going for 100 years more, and causing a slow kill of the population, and driving infectious variant after another, then continue with these very same fraud COVID injections that even Hahn knew did not work and could not work.

The RRR (relative risk reduction) of 95% was actually 0.7% ARR for Pfizer, 1.1% for Moderna. Even if you went with the RRR, the 95% drops below the 50% agreed threshold for EUA, to 19% or so, if we back calculate and impute the 3,000 or so participants that Pfizer omitted from the calculations. We were defrauded by Pfzier and FDA. The FDA is part of all of this, and now pulling the greatest fraud with the children vax approval and they even know children, healthy children will die from these vaccines. They know and its the cost of doing business. With whom though? Who is the FDA in business with?

And ‘efficacy’ of what? That ‘efficacy’ term is another grave fraud on us. Reducing my cough? My fever? You beasts knew you did not study the vaccine impact on death, hospitalization, ICU, severe COVID etc. Just mild symptoms but the public thought it was efficacy on death. You lying beasts. It is like what NIH and Fauci did with the lies on Remdesivir by making the primary outcome ‘time to clinical resolution’…and not patient important outcomes like death and hospitalization. To lie to us for a drug that causes kidney and liver toxicity.