Alexander Aggregated COVID and non-COVID news, April 12th 2022

by Paul Alexander

COVID-related news:

1)Fauci: ‘I Recommend’ People over 50 Get a Fourth COVID Booster

2)Shanghai residents heard screaming from windows as COVID lockdown continues

3)BREAKING: U.S. Tells Non-Essential Government Workers & Their Families to Leave Shanghai

4)Philly will require masks in indoor public spaces again as COVID-19 cases rise

5)Covid Could Be Surging in the U.S. Right Now and We Might Not Even Know It

6)BRAIN BUSTER Warning to anyone who’s had Covid over ‘irreversible’ damage to the brain

7)Will Passover cause a rise in COVID-19 cases in Israel?


9)With COVID mission over, Pentagon plans for next pandemic

10)‘I’ve Been Grounded’: Six Marine Pilots Speak Out Against COVID Vaccine Mandate

11)Texas Democrat’s Chief of Staff Faces Corruption Indictment for COVID Vaccine Promo Contract

12)White House Defends ‘Emotional’ Kamala Harris Removing Mask Indoors Despite Close Contact with Coronavirus

13)Exclusive: Son Describes Mother’s Death After Moderna Shot

14)Failing to enforce California's Covid-19 vaccine mandate may put school districts in financial peril

15)The dystopian nightmare of ‘Zero Covid’

16)Shanghai begins easing Covid lockdown in some areas amid suicides and protests over lack of food by starving civilians locked up in their apartments

17)Anderson Cooper Tests Positive For Covid, Misses Tonight’s CNN Show

non-COVID news:

1)Musk backing off Twitter board opens door to hostile takeover

2)Cheering Ukrainian troops shoot down Russian drone with British missile

3)Inside wartime Russia, Putin isn't losing

4)CRYPTO CARNAGE Crypto event in Miami descends into chaos as hackathon evacuated and bomb squad called after security risk detected

5)ISIS Calls for ‘Social Media Warfare’ to Counter ‘Enchanting’ Influencers and Incite

6)China Is Accelerating Its Nuclear Buildup Over Rising Fears of U.S. Conflict

7)NASCAR pair Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer got into a furious fistfight in front of stunned fans at the Martinsville Speedway.

8)Lieutenant Governor of Texas Slams Radical Left’s Agenda to Disrupt Family

9)Trump Rally in North Carolina Draws Fewer Than 2,000 People: Report

10)White House says it expects inflation to be ‘extraordinarily elevated’ in new report

11)Russia warns Sweden and Finland: Better say nyet to NATO

12)Grassley: ‘Enough Evidence’ to Legitimately Question if Joe Biden Is Compromised by Chinese

13)MSNBC’s Johnson: MAGA Movement a ‘Terrorist Organization’

14)Congress Falls Off Wagon, Leaps Back Into the Pork Barrel With $9.6 Billion in New Earmarks

15)Russia's Ukraine invasion has escalated a brewing battle over space

16)Gov. DeSantis signs bill addressing 'fatherhood crisis'

Interesting research:

1)Mechanical control of innate immune responses against viral infection revealed in a human lung alveolus chip

2)Fluvoxamine for Outpatient Management of COVID-19 to Prevent Hospitalization