Alexander at BROWNSTONE: "50 Efficacy Studies that Show COVID Vaccines Fail and Rebuke Vaccine Mandates"

by Paul Alexander

See op-ed I wrote and updated it with the editor to day to add studies 49 and 50...bottom line, the vaccines are ineffective, protection wanes rapidly and it is not properly safe


50 Efficacy Studies that Rebuke Vaccine Mandates

The mRNA injections are a failure, scientific junk, IMO always was and we will show how Pfizer and Moderna submitted fraud data to the FDA and the FDA knew…let me be as gentle as I can be, these vaccines (mRNA) and to me, all in COVID, are frauds, should have never been brought. Ever. They were and are ineffective, do not sterilize the virus, importantly do not stop transmission, and are harmful. Again, they knew this. It failed on Delta and bigtime on Omicron. I do not understand how POTUS Trump still stands behind these shot, he has to stand up now and say ‘NO’. Not for our children. Protection (and I still say it gives no protection) is short lived, wanes very fast, and ends up in negative efficacy so drives infection. Boosting is a failure and as we see in the UK and Scottish data, the vaccinated end up infected (due to the non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs binding to but not eliminating the virus) and in the hospital and dead. This is the data and I wish to be honest.

I plead, I beg, do not take these vaccines, not one, boost, none. None for your children.

The vaccinated are in serious trouble with the vaccine for they have damaged their natural and acquired immunity, IMO life-long.