All of this, the insanity we lived the last 2 years was for vaccine; the lockdowns, the masks, all of it, the flawed PCR overcycled test, was for you to get vaccine; NONE of this was needed or real

by Paul Alexander

The gut-wrenching aspect is POTUS Trump allowed this to happen; he allowed his presidency to be overtaken by craven malfeasant people; locked us down and brought un-needed vaccines

I support him still as think he could have been the greatest POTUS, but he failed, he allowed his presidency to be run by people who applied policies that harmed Americans…crushing harms…he sat atop the 2 greatest public health disasters in history…the lockdowns and ineffective unsafe vaccines…

He can get to Rushmore and finish what he started but he has to explain why he allowed those beelzebubs to harm the nation, Fauci and Birx and Collins and why he allowed unneeded vaccines that are ineffective and harmful and why he is not on the podium daily clamoring for mandates to stop and no vaccine for our children. I beg him do not allow your young son these vaccines. No matter what Bourla or Fauci says. They can kill. The vaccines can be that harmful.

No lockdown saved no 500,000 lives…that bullocks. stop saying it!

All was to drive the vaccines…power, greed, malfeasance, over-lording, compliance…we need to get to the bottom of this and hold all accountable legally…strip them of everything and if criminal offenses, JAIL them!

They locked us down and killed thousands including our children…they refused to use early treatment…and killed thousands…750,000 or 800,000 dead Americans could be alive today had they used early treatment…

We need proper investigations and proper legal inquirers…allow all to defend themselves but jail them if they did wrong and it is shown.

Fauci, Collins, and Birx.