American Airlines and hidden toilet camera? "Probe launched into American Airlines flight that allegedly had hidden camera in bathroom"

by Paul Alexander

‘A criminal probe was launched into an American Airlines flight last weekend after a passenger reportedly claimed a hidden camera was placed in the bathroom.

The airline alerted authorities to a “potential criminal act” on Flight 1441 that took off from Charlotte, North Carolina, and landed in Boston Saturday morning, Massachusetts State Police said in a news release.


A first-class passenger, who did not want to share his name, told Boston 25 that he saw a teenage girl attempt to use the bathroom mid-air but was initially stopped by a male flight attendant.

The worker claimed he had to quickly wash his hands, the passenger said, who provided a copy of his boarding pass to the station to prove he was on the flight.

The girl used the restroom after the flight attendant left, he reportedly said.’

A Massachusetts state trooper told Charlotte-based WSOC that the incident involved a “juvenile, flight attendant, and a cellphone.”

The probe is being handled by the FBI because the alleged criminality happened while the plane was in the air, the Massachusetts State Police said.

Further information was not disclosed by authorities, though American Airlines told Boston 25 it takes the matter “very seriously.”’