Apocalypse or end of the world is here, the Armageddon, we are living it for we in the west, with our high tech lives, we know that people in poor countries exist in devastatingly poor horrendous

by Paul Alexander

sub-human conditions doing things to survive for us; slave labor, punishing crushing conditions; we don't 'see' it, we 'pretend', as long as those 'less than us' people live like that and we live NICE

What we do to poor people, to children, to women in developing poor nations, to people who already have nothing, so that we can live a high society high-tech lifestyle and have the iPHONE type creature comforts is mind numbing and simply deplorable and horrifying when you think of it.

I do not know how to fix this, I feel helpless, I feel so ashamed, deep down gutted, near daily, so ravaged day to day for what we do to other human beings so that we can live certain ways; will we ever be forgiven for what we do? we simply go on pretending and living comfortable lives with no regard for what poor ‘invisible’ people do to allow us to live the lives we live…'where the streets have no name’ really means them…I come from an island as an example, where upper middle class and richer people live luxurious lives and for the 50 odd years I am alive, I have seen shanty towns, dumps, and when you go into it you see people, children living there, eating the filth we dump there, working in terrible conditions to harvest chemicals and minerals to support our western high tech lives, to put in our phones, in our gadgets; in conditions that are so sub-human, so harmful, demeaning, denigrating, so very crazily impoverished. These people have nothing, and on top of that we savage them in slave punishing labor. Devastating living conditions, inhaling chemicals that kills them. They often die where they stand. I have seen. I came from poverty and I have seen. I have seen the unthinkable things people do to each other, human to human. I see what corporations do to ‘little’ people. No food, no water, nothing. Living conditions worse than the deepest part of hell. No money. No say. No ‘voice’. Nothing. Stamped on. Powerless, hopeless, vulnerable, helpless. No one ‘sees’ them. Squalid dehumanizing conditions, no way out. Children born into situations where they will live in a shanty barrios all their lives.

Slavery never ended, I argue, physical slavery may have ended (yet it still exists once you look for it) but really we have a vast amount of the world living in ‘economic’ and ‘social’ slavery. Especially children, it is mind boggling and so painful when you see the conditions little children live in, slave labor, abusive gut wrenching slave labor, beaten, abused, ravaged, and women, women bear the brunt of the disregard and sub-human treatment of each other. We gut women.

We are yes, living the Apocalypse Armageddon in the here and now, and I pray at night that when I see my maker, he has mercy on me and on us for we do not deserve mercy. The terrible things we do to each other are unspeakable in many instances.