Archbishop Viganò and the DEEP church; once again waxing on the lies and dangers and the errors of the Deep State, in so doing championing LifeSiteNews

by Paul Alexander

'LifeSiteNews is an oasis in which many souls have found refreshment after being abandoned to their own devices by civil and religious authority.'

‘(LifeSiteNews) — Dear friends of LifeSiteNews, it seems that only a few years have passed since a group of Catholics from North America, animated by the desire to defend the Truth, began the great adventure that today, twenty-five years later, has proven to be a providential and very successful work. A providential work, that is an undertaking blessed by Providence, because it is necessary to confront the muddle of errors and lies that afflict the world both in social and political questions as well as in religious and spiritual ones. 

Let’s talk therefore about “good press,” using a typically Catholic expression that today has been deliberately forgotten. St. John Bosco and Blessed James Alberione spoke of good press, aware of the power of the media both in spreading the good and in propagating evil. “We drive out the bad press because it is a scourge worse than the plague, hunger, and war,” said the founder of the Pious Society of Saint Paul, today emblematically renamed Saint Paul Holding.


But today driving out the “bad press” is much more complex than in the past, because we live in a paradox in which errors and lies against the revealed Truth are spread and promoted by the so-called Catholic media, by what should be the “good press.” On the other hand, it is difficult to hope that the Catholic press will not propagandize Masonic irenist ecumenism or idolatrous paganism, when it is Bergoglio himself who imposes it “magisterially” as a new doctrine to which everyone must conform. 

In the past the “good press” had the task of being the voice of the Truth, because it amplified the same Truth that is taught by the Church. Now that the Church has been eclipsed by a sect of apostate fornicators, it is not surprising that the Bergoglian media acts as a sounding board for the heretical proclamations of their ideological referent who sits in Rome. Nor is it surprising that, among the priorities of the regime press, profit is put before correct information, confirming how much doctrinal and moral deviation is accompanied – indefectibly, I would say – by the mercantile mentality typical of Protestant thought. 

The great adventure of LifeSiteNews shows us the work of Providence: its wise intervention in the events of the world and the Church with sometimes unexpected tools and results that go beyond mere media success. The more the Truth is denied and hidden from the multitude by those who should instead proclaim it courageously, the more it finds new paths and new outlets, like the unstoppable current of a rushing river. If the riverbed is diverted, the current finds other ways to reach the mouth. When there is stability and order this current follows its proper course, irrigating the fields and quenching the thirst of the herds. But in the present disorder of the civil and ecclesiastical revolution the same current overwhelms everything that it finds along its path, especially near the sea: bridges, crops, and cities. 

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Twenty-five years ago, a gushing spring of fresh and pure water gushed forth into the desert of the post-conciliar crisis. Then – we all remember it with emotion – that spring quenched the thirst of a few thirsty souls, like an oasis amidst the dunes of the desert. Today that spring feeds a well-established river, from which millions of people draw, finding relief in the heat of this rebellious world, and clear waters in the midst of this apostasy that clouds the sources of Faith and Morals. For all are thirsty: both those who know a truth of which they are deprived, as well as those who grope in the darkness of error and confusion and find no peace. 

Your role, dear friends of LifeSiteNews, is a critical role right now, because error is no longer recognized as such, just as the truth is denied by the very people who should be defending us from error and lies. 

The state and the governments – of Biden and Trudeau – lie to us. The European Union, the WHO, the United Nations, and NATO lie to us. They deceive us about crises – the psychopandemic, the war in Ukraine, global warming, energy and food rationing – because they want us to painfully accept the supposed solutions that hide goals that cannot be stated openly: the reduction of the world population, the destruction and enslavement of sovereign nations, dependence on economic and financial potentates, population control and the limitation of the fundamental freedoms of citizens. The deep state has broken the social contract, dissolving the bond between the power of the state and its end, which is the bonum commune.   

The deep church lies to us, when it wants us to believe that the synodal way has been designed to foster collaboration between the teaching Church and the learning Church, while in fact it serves to undermine the Authority of the Pastors from within, dissolving the indissoluble and substantial bond that exists between power and its end, which is the salus animarum. It lied to us yesterday when it passed off the desecrations of the Mass as actuosa participatio; it lies to us today when it cancels the apostolic liturgy in the name of a unity that it did not hesitate to break by imposing the Novus Ordo. It lies to us when it is silent about the Truth that heretics deny, in the name of ecumenism and universal brotherhood.


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It lies to us when it disguises acquiescence towards vice and sin as mercy, and then displays ruthless and cruel anger toward those who want to remain faithful to the Gospel: a false mercy, which is the premise of the eternal damnation of poor sinners whom no prelate calls back to God, whom no bishop goes to look for among the rocks and brambles to bring back into the sheepfold. A perverse mercy, which contradicts supernatural Charity founded on divine Truth, and that usurps from God the magnificence of forgiveness, selling it off to those who nullify the Passion and Redemption by denying the existence of sin. 

LifeSiteNews is an oasis in which many souls have found refreshment after being abandoned to their own devices by civil and religious authority. If this titanic effort, this deployment of professionalism and competence and this action of apostolate and correct information had saved even one single soul, bringing into it the light of Grace and leading it to God, your commitment would not have been in vain. But we all know that the souls who have been touched by the Lord through your apostolate are many, very many. 

May this be your true consolation, in the certainty of receiving that eternal and incorruptible reward in the light of which all your labors, sacrifices, and dedication acquire meaning and supernatural value.  

Ad multos annos, dear friends. With God’s blessing and under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin.’  

Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop. August 9, 2022