Biden & RINOs & democrats & deepstate bureaucracy made a serious error yesterday; Biden's speech was full of hate & duplicity & errors; they made serious error & it will BACKFIRE; CNN's Keilar

by Paul Alexander

Those 2 marines on stage are conservative & the government has to stop threatening OVER half of the population...stop this, you are ripping the nation apart; lost mid terms last night; Crowley agrees!

CNN’s Keilar hits Biden on the speech and use of the military.

‘We begin with Pres. Biden. In front of Independence Hall, bathed in red light with Marines behind, Biden defiled the Presidency with an unhinged, divisive speech similar in many ways to some of history’s most dangerous despots. Our guest is Monica Crowley, former Asst. Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Pres. Trump believes ABC, NBC, and CBS not broadcasting Biden’s unhinged speech was meant to protect him. She believes the speech will backfire in a major way because there are far more Americans disgusted with Biden and the Dems today than the 75 million who voted to re-elect Donald Trump.’


Monica Crowley


CNN Anchor Calls Out Biden for Using Marines in Fiery Anti-MAGA Speech