Birx lied when she said Atlas said the focus was on Trump's re-election...why did she not show that in writing? hhhmmm, so we are taking people's 'recollections'??? ok,

by Paul Alexander

Scott Atlas joined in August 2020, she referenced April and May 2020...these people played with the words to make it seem like Atlas was providing input in April-May 2020...he joined August 2020

Birx never answered the question, she made it seem like Atlas was giving the Trump admin input in April and May 2020. That was a lie. At that time March April and May, she and Fauci were in full flight taking apart Trump’s re-election etc. with the pandemic lies, the fraud of a COVID response with their lockdown lunacy and school closure lunacy. And their mask mandate lunacy and we know today all COVID lockdown policies failed and we told these lunatics this near two years ago. They just did not listen. She and Fauci were power drunk and the deaths due to the lockdowns, the suicides in people and children, were due to her and Fauci’s lockdown lunatic policies. Not Trump, yes, he failed to fire these lunatics and that’s his fault, but the deaths are on their hands. It is their policies he approved.

With their fraud use of the RT-PCR test that was deliberately over-cycled to spook the nation and Trump. The PCR test was a lie. 95% of positives were false positives in 2020 and 2021. She knew what she was doing, her and Fauci, was to undermine Trump and she was fixated an obsessed with Atlas. I always felt based on what was being said in the halls in DC was that she envied Atlas, and was fixated on his smarts. She disliked him and continues to attack him because he is way more in tuned and intellectually adept and smarter than she is. That is why they attacked Scott. He was better than they could ever be. Shame on them for what they did with the help of the media in smearing and slandering him. Shame on them. All he sought to do was to help. Pox on them. She and Fauci have absolutely no capacity in public health. IMO, dimwits, dolts! Fauci and Birx, single handedly, devastated the pandemic response and harmed Americans, IMO. People died on accounts of their policies. Junk science, in conjunction with CDC and NIH and FDA. I can find not one benefit of having them there. If you found one, please let me know.