BOOM! Can we get an amen for Justin! Justin Hart: "Public Health Elites Who Pushed Anti-Science Policies Deserve Accountability, Not ‘Amnesty", The Federalist

by Paul Alexander

Fear-mongering virus prophets that prided themselves on public health damaged public trust more than anything else; see my prior substack in response to Dr. Emily Oster's amnesty cry; nope! Justice!

No, justice and accountability is what we come for, not tonight, Professor Oster, not tonight. Tonight we seek justice and no one must rob us of this!!!!!!!!!

‘Numerous influential academics like Emily, under pressure from peers and establishment leaders, caved, stayed silent, and mothballed their data altogether. It’s difficult to separate intimidation from self-censorship – but a blanket amnesty seems premature.’

You Emily and folk like you, in your derangement, helped harm and kill many of our children by your lunacy! Your actions had devastating consequences on us and especially our vulnerable, women, children, those least able to afford the shielding lunacy you backed and promoted and enacted. We thus want all like you answering questions in proper public inquiries and all who did wrong, must pay with prison time this time. No “we made a mistake” will not stand. Not interested. It is our turn now. No, I and others gave you all you needed day one, but you refused, you were deranged and drunk with power, like ‘drunken-master’ kung-fu style.

Hart is brilliant here, huge praise!

“The failures of Covid health policies are legion. Absent, curiously, are any serious acknowledgments of the harms caused by these policies from the people who promoted them throughout the pandemic.

Recently, Professor Emily Oster of Brown University, admitted in The Atlantic that interventions like social distancing and outdoor masking “were totally misguided.” She decried the “wildly irresponsible claims” of many in positions of power and admits that school closures have led to “historic declines” in student test scores.”


Support Justin, does brilliant work, scholarship.

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