"Boris Johnson, Facing a Mutiny, Says England Will Ease Virus Rules": I said always this was never about public health and if a PM can change rules to stave off political defeat, then we JAIL him!

by Paul Alexander

Have no mercy on these LOCKDOWN lunatics, we examine his actions close for this suggests there was NO basis for the measures and if so, he must face legal reckoning...all leaders! JAIL...


JAIL them all, any government leader, in any nation, all who did wrong and we will find them, we look at it legally and properly…and no matter who, we jail them…set an example…

We must never forget the children in the US that committed suicide, that hung themselves due to FAUCI and BIRX lunatic lockdowns...school closures.

These lockdowns lunatics, a day of reckoning is coming...legal but it must result in jail!

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson, fighting for his political life, said on Wednesday that he would lift almost all remaining coronavirus restrictions in England, hoping to stanch a devastating loss of support over charges that he lied about parties in Downing Street during lockdowns.

Boris Johnson, Facing a Mutiny, Says England Will Ease Virus Rules


England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions


As I said, jail them all, don't let them run into retirement…no no no, no pensions…all involved. now he has reversed all what he did in the hope to survive the downfall…jail them…legally…