BRIAN O'SHEA (Dr. N Wolf's husband) writes a stunning substack in response to New Mexican Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's and her 30 Day Ban on Conceal & Carry is Being Pushed Under the Mask of

by Paul Alexander

of "Public Health." Public Health is the banner they fly. But it's a war against civil liberties, a war against the Constitution, and a war against the individual rights & freedoms of all Americans

‘New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham says she is suspending open and concealed carry laws in Albuquerque and throughout Bernalillo County for the next 30 days, temporarily prohibiting the carrying of guns on public property. The governor made the announcement during a news conference Friday afternoon. (Source: ).

This is in response to an 11-year old getting shot & killed in a random shooting from another vehicle as the family left an Isotopes game Wednesday night on September 8, 2023. Tragic, yes. (may God watch over his soul and his surviving family). But this tragedy is the fault of two parties: the shooters and the Governors and Mayors who have failed to enforce the existing criminal laws in their jurisdiction, by design or by incompetence. So are the failings of Democrat (and many Republican) elected officials’ failures to do their tax-payer funded jobs a justifications to strip us of our rights? Are you willing to let them? I am not. No. Absolutely not….no matter what. Governor Grisham’s “Public Health” order to curb “Gun Violence” is part of a bigger plan…whether she is aware of it or not.


This particular Governor said the quiet part out loud: we want the power, we want you to have none of it…period/full stop. She also revealed what her tribe thinks of the Constitution: an annoyance that is in their way of taking absolute control over your lives and she is masking it under the guise of Public Health. This is not an experiment, it’s a plan.

It’s a plan that is clearly laid out in any literature one can read about regarding, in particular, ideologies like “One Health.”

One Health is the framework underlying many of our local, state and federal Public Health initiatives. Under these frameworks, Public Health pretty much means Public Health officials control…everything.

But who are the Public Health officials working for? I have my well sourced views on who I believe is pulling the strings which I discussed with my wife, Dr. Naomi Wolf, on in June 2023

By “everything” I mean how you raise and grow food; how interact and how you move about in your community; how you exercise your constitutional rights, who you build your homes; heat your homes and food; what type of car you drive and how far you drive it; how you medicate and house your pets; if you can exercise your right to free speech; what you eat and how much of it you eat, and even how you view racial equity (and you’d better speak favorably about it under these Public Health ideologies because surveillance is a huge part of thing like One Health, so “Big Brother” will [and is] watching you!)

(Full article here:

“Public Health,” under these strange and almost Maoist approaches to “protecting” the public, overarches everything you do that the government traditionally has no control over. (and yes, where you spend and how you spend your money is included).

Now they are trying to bundle in “gun violence” under the banner of Public Health. Listen to what this Governor said at the question and answer segment of her recent press conference during which she declared a “public health emergency” to reduce “gun violence”:

(Full Press Conference can be found here:

Let’s be honest: this has nothing to do with "keeping people safe" and everything to do with another Democratic Politician, this time it's New Mexico's Democrat Governor Grisham. But don't take my word for it, listen to her own words:

Reporter: "You took an oath to the Constitution! Isn't it unconstitutional to say 'you cannot exercise your carry license-".

Gov Grisham (cutting him off & boldly (& ignorantly) declaring

"With one exception...& that is: if there is an 'emergency', & I've declared an 'emergency' (for a temporary amount of time), I can invoke additional powers. No Constitutional right, in my view (including my oath), is intended to absolute."

Governor Grisham goes on to nonchalantly say:

"There are restrictions on free speech, there are restrictions on 'my freedoms'...."

So think about this: how many legal/lawful gun owners, law-abiding gun shop owners, &/or those with a legally obtained/issued conceal & carry permit can they round up & arrest in 30 days? How long will it take those arrested under this purge of mainly conservative voters to get a trial date. Somehow I suspect it will be at least 13 months….just long enough to keen them from voting.

This is a chilling reminder that these Marxist puppets are coming for you as they want to destroy the power & individual rights of American People. Today it's guns, tomorrow it will be private land ownership and the right to cross state lines without "papers, and God knows what else they have planned...oh, that's it: "15 Minute Cities"(known in China as "Ecological Civilizations"... AKA [in my well researched opinion] "Concentration Camps").

But they can't herd you into these dystopian “communes” until they seize your guns (which is the last line of defense against a corrupt and captured government). So in the end this declaration of a “Public Health Emergency” is a prescription for the subversion of our Constitutional Rights and maybe even the the sovereignty of this great country. I doubt Grisham even knows the role she now playing. She’s a puppet…she just can’t see the strings.

Make no mistake: Governors who flippantly trample on your rights and freedoms (like Governor Grisham and so many like her) are the “domestic enemies” the Founding Fathers warned us about. Make sure you see them for what they are. Then fight them, legally & peacefully. For those out there fighting please keep it up…it’s a slog and war is a marathon…but defeat can only happen if we surrender. That will never happen with me and I know with most of you. For those who are just now realizing the threats to freedom that are already in our gates but feel like you can’t make a difference, or worse, think you can “sit this one out” I have news for you…you can’t. So get off your asses and act because nobody can sit this one out! These enemies of our State are not relenting and they are coming for everyone…even you. But you can stop it by figuring out where you can contribute the most and then make that a daily part of your life. We are all busy, we are all tired, we all have “day jobs”…but if we don’t hold the line we will no longer have the freedom to be busy, tired, or even a job (at least not a job you get to choose). “Public Health” useful idiots, pushing for a cessation of many of our rights, including the Second Amendment, are part of something far worse and well coordinated, carried out by unwitting dupes like Grisham on the heals of this horrible tragedy in Albuquerque. So it’s time everyone stands up and mans their figurative and actual battle stations… because the enemies are here…now is the time to stop them.

-Brian O’Shea, Investigator and Investigative Journalist at