China exploding! "Top China expert says Covid 'spreading rapidly' after rules easing"; look back at my substack below dated November 29th; I said this, the only way is to open up, allow infections

by Paul Alexander

see new graph of China's infections as of today, the Y axis is wonky, key is YES, massive infections, due to no background immunity, they must use early anti-viral drugs, open up full, get infected!


‘One of China's top health experts has warned of a surge in Covid-19 cases, state media said Sunday, in the wake of the government's decision to abandon its hardline coronavirus strategy.’

Shops and restaurants in Beijing are deserted as the country awaits a spike in infections following the decision to reduce the scope of mandatory testing, allow some positive cases to quarantine at home and end large-scale lockdowns.

Top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan told state media in an interview published Sunday that the Omicron strain of the virus prevalent in China was highly transmissible and could lead to a surge in cases.

"The (current) Omicron mutation... is very contagious... one person can transmit to 22 people," said Zhong -- a leading advisor to the government throughout the pandemic.”

Of course there will be a surge, there is no background immunity to handle omicron etc. They have to be brave and open up, protect the elderly principally and use early treatment. See my substack below to Xi as a guide as to what must be done. It is that simple.

Also, see Japan today and see South Africa today and you know the history, it has to do with lockdowns, use of early treatment, how much vaccine uptake etc. in the midst of an ongoing pandemic that drives viral immune escape and more infectious variants. China has no choice but to open up. Now.

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China is in trouble with COVID omicron (soon BQ.1.1) because its lockdowns have been too long & too harsh (like Australia et al.) so its population has NO (near zero) background natural immunity
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