Coronavirus: 60% of UK population need to become infected so country can build 'herd immunity', government's chief scientist says

by Paul Alexander

'The most likely place you are going to get an infection from is a family member, a friend, someone very close in a small space, not in the big space'

This was early MARCH 2020, a few days before the most inept, stupid, bogus, incompetent, arrogant so called scientist reared his slimy head, aka Neil Ferguson??? (sp)...that partner of Fauci & Birx

This was March 13th 2020,

Coronavirus: 60% of UK population need to become infected so country can build 'herd immunity, government's chief scientist says" 

When it made sense, this was when these idiots were thinking as they should have been…but then came Ferguson, March 16th 2020, with his Report 9 that screwed the world with his lockdown bull sh*t, this Imperial College moron, who as it turns out is one of the most inept idiots, dangerous too, inconsequential so called 'experts'...he thinks in his own mind he is smart...someone told him this and he thinks it is...but he is a dumb as a box of rocks like even some of us who are running around thinking we are smart because a news station interviewed us. some who are attacking Malone, that type, you know the kind, they come to the party late with nothing in their hands, but want to eat all the food...bring nothing to the table but want to tell you what to eat…you know the type…the ‘wannabes’

That was March early, and that should have been the route, while you strongly protected the elderly and vulnerable, properly (which I argue still today was never done not even in the US, as the US, Canada, UK etc. nursing homes became killing fields and the agencies did not listen to what we were saying as to how to protect the elderly), and you allow the rest of society, low risk healthy people, children, middle aged, all, to live reasonably normal close to normal...taking reasonable precautions....and use early treatment as needed if granny got infected in the nursing home, as she would get naturally immune after clearing it, and no hospital for her, and you do some nice vit D and obesity PSAs...we had a nice clear plan...but the powers at be did not want that. 

They had ineffective harmful vaccines to sell. yes, to enrich government folk for rest assured, many congress people and senate and connected folk made big money on COVID PPEs etc…rest assured, all them rescue packages under Trump and Biden…ha ha, its like Christmas with each bill…your tax payer money…a bunch of high crime bandits they really are….and to make vaccine CEOs’ Bourla and Bancel et al. to become richer with their killing vaccines…for that's what they are…if I wanted to make a bioweapon to deliver on a population and with permission, and to harm and kill, I would have made the exact vaccines the same way…to do the same thing…yep, non-sterilizing vaccines that cause you to get infected….and I would go after the children if all else fails…one more shot at the gravy train…

But the good news is I am a law abiding person and not a vaccine developer like Pfizer and Moderna…that's the good news…I fear God and love people, all people…simple man.