COVID vaccine for Israeli babies, toddlers expected by April, says health official; Would mean all Israelis over six months eligible for vaccine; shot is waiting on Pfizer trial, which has already...

by Paul Alexander

Indicated it is safe for under-5s; NOW see below for the 2 keys issues or questions that would make you want to go stark raving insane

Here are the 2 issues, and there are many, but just these two, I think are the key ones:

  1. children are at vanishingly low, statistical zero risk of severe illness or death from COVID; this data, along with stable evidence that children do not readily get infected or spread it (20 months of global data), puts children at very low risk and this contra-indicates the vaccine and importantly,

  2. it is accepted now and proven that these vaccines do not stop infection or transmission; to say that you must vaccinate children so that it will prevent them from spreading to adults is thus moot; the vaccine does not stop transmission, PERIOD!

So that leaves us with the key issue then: why would you think it is necessary to vaccinate a child that has no risk (near zero) of the illness you wish to vaccinate them for, and with a vaccine that is supposed to be a prophylaxis, that actually DOES NOT stop spread. So what is the reason for the vaccine? The children are at near zero risk and the vaccine does not stop transmission. Am I missing something?

Illustrative image: a baby receives a routine vaccine (naumoid via iStock by Getty Images)