"Deion Sanders Had Two Toes Amputated After Blood Clots"; was it due to the COVID gene injection vaccine? IMO yes for these COVID shots (mRNA vaccines) cause blood clots and bleeding and even death

by Paul Alexander

Deion has been lucky & maybe we will never know but my money is riding on the COVID vaccine, could have costed him his life; in short, Aaron Rodgers is 100% correct as is Novak Djokovic; real stones!

Real stones these gentlemen showed, to stand their ground despite the societal pressure and money loss. They lost lots but saved their lives. Will be the greatest decision they would have ever made and they will see in time. The vaccine is wreaking disaster. Big praise for them and I like Deion, excellent athlete, and hopefully with sober reflection, he will recognize and admit some day, he dodged the COVID gene injection, the mRNA bullet. He will be a tremendous ambassador speaking truth.

The evidence is clear now that the COVID gene injections are ineffective, so very ineffective that it gets to negative efficacy (causes infection) and leads to harms with blood clots and bleeding. Why would any sane person today, with a proper benefit risk calculation, conclude that these gene injections are worth it and confer benefit? I argue even to the elderly high risk, multiple underlying condition person, no! Do not touch these, they never ever worked day one! No once can show me any evidence that these vaccines or gene injections reduced severe COVID or death. None! You wished it would but that is no substitute for it being so.