Did I not tell you this prior? WHO (World Health Organization) & CDC & NIH will move now to make monkeypox YOUR non-gay, non-bisexual concern; won't tell gays to stop sex for 2 weeks???

by Paul Alexander

These bit*c*es at WHO will not tell gay & bisexual community to calm it down, stop the sexual contact for 2-4 weeks to stop this, to stop you from spreading it to the heterosexuals; found in semen???

Tell them stop the damn sex for 2-4 weeks, just stop!

Watch, this will enter the heterosexual community driven and spread by bisexuals. You watch. And then WHO will set up a separate agency for monkeypox or whatever they rename it to, like how they did with UNAIDS. Its pure corruption. I know many at UNAIDS due to a HIV-TB co-infection project with this agency and they admit, its a joke. Living large on donor money. They have no effect.

Note, these demons at WHO and CDC won’t say this, to stop the physical contact until we tamp this down, but they are woke on renaming monkeypox…be warned, they are coming at us…they want to lock us down and mass vaccinate when this remains an infection that is localized to the gay and bisexual community…we need to PSA this group urgently to stop sex, to check for symptoms, to enact acute contact tracing etc.

The issue is the physical contact when infected and symptomatic with lesions and pustules can spread this. This is the fact. We are not sure why it is localized to the gay community but it is at present. Their form of sex contact is propagating it, skin to skin contact. It may be an actual STD and it may be transmitted in bodily fluids also beside the pustules e.g. semen. And we have to retain it there in that community and we can if the WHO and CDC wakes to eff up and do their jobs and get off the woke bull shit. We need to tell this community that sexual contact must stop for 2-4 weeks. Its that simple. We focus on the pathogen and no stigma but we be brave and strong and bold and tell this community what needs to be said. It will help them. WHO and CDC is confusing them, driving a sense of complacency and a lulled sense of security.

Stop that!

If we locked the world down for over 2 years, we can ask this of them. If we killed our elderly with ludicrous illogical reckless dangerous isolation and lockdowns and no early treatment, we can ask this of them.

Stop the bull shit about mass vaccination and masks and mass quarantine etc. no slander, no stigma, just lets focus on the pathogen and mitigating transmission…stop the eff in political word smithing.

It emerged from Africa, it’s an African endemic disease, it is a gay and bisexual infection based on all we know and if this changes, we will change the risk group focus.

Did I read or hear it is found in semen from gay males? Come on, get on top of this WHO and CDC and stop playing games. You will cause this to leach into the low risk heterosexual community.


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