Do black lives really matter to black activists? NAACP? BLM? Don't seem so! Fauci & Francis Collins & Bourla & Bancel & Walensky & CDC & NIH & FDA murdered a black Buffalo NFL player on live TV!

by Paul Alexander

Does anyone care that they committed murder with their COVID gene injection weapon (so called vaccine)? Does BLM care? If he was white & dropped like that, would the outcry been different?

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MURDER charge Pfizer & Moderna & Fauci (FDA, CDC, NIH) makers of mRNA/DNA gene injection (vaccine), indict them, killing a black man on live television DAMAR HAMLIN, while lying about commotio cordis
Every single NFL player (or athlete in America) must be screened for myocarditis (post COVID gene injection); they must demand it! Do not take the field for you could be DAMAR! Do not let them lie to you and confuse you with commotio cordis! It is time to lay murder charges on Pfizer, Moderna, CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky, Ashi…
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Where is Mad Max Maxine Waters? Where is Al ‘evading tax’ Sharpton when you need him for a good protest? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is the ambulance chaser Gloria Allred? Where is the ACLU? Where is the congressional black caucus? Where is the protection of DAMAR’S right to life, liberty, etc. Where? He was coerced and forced to take the shot to keep working. This is public knowledge and so he was deceived for there are COVID vaccine risks he was never told. Who protects him now as he lays fighting for his life?

I agree with Toby, he is correct on this:

Damar Hamlin
I. The heart attack We said it would happen and it happened. A vaccinated NFL player’s heart stopped during the first quarter of Monday Night Football. It’s not complicated. If you repeatedly inject billions of people with a shot known to cause blood clots you’re going to see lots of heart attacks …
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We know the CDC and drug makers courted and aggressively pushed the NFL etc. to vaccinate its players. Was this based on an unsafe vaccine?: