DO NOT forget Japanese biodistribution study looking at lipid nano-particles in rats & how they bio-accumulated in first 48 hours post administration; understand that this links direct to COVID jabs

by Paul Alexander

Dr. Byram Bridle was attacked for his work showing that content of the COVID VACCINE did not stay in the injection site (arm) but leeched into the circulation; this is why we see FERTILITY drops now!

Look at the increase over 48 hours for ovaries and testes, the change looks small to you but it is exponential and massive. This indicates that the vaccine content (lipid-nano particles, mRNA, and as a consequence, translated spike protein at a cellular level) leaves the injection site (so they lied very early on to us) and enters circulation and accumulates in various tissues and organs.

Dr. Bridle of Canada is a friend of mines and without too much detail, needless to say he was decimated by the media and his own academic institution and Professor colleagues yet he emerged as the most disciplined, courageous, compassionate, smartest of the lot of them at Guelph. Shame on them all for all he did was his job. He in fact save millions of loves by orienting us to the leeching of vaccine content outside of the injection site. It allowed us to study the role of the spike protein as an endothelial pathogen as it damaged the vascular inner cell lining (of the complete vasculature), leading to bleeding, clotting etc.