Don't forget this recent two participants who die during swimming leg of Youghal Ironman event; Postmortem examinations due to take place on men remains; what? until COVID mRNA vaccine is excluded &

by Paul Alexander

until heart damage due to the mRNA technology gene based vaccine is excluded e.g. myocarditis, pericarditis, brain bleeds, strokes etc., then we place the COVID mRNA vaccine at center of etiology

The two men who died in the Ironman Ireland event in Youghal, Co Cork have been named locally as a Garda investigation begins.

The competitors have been named as Brendan Wall, who was in his mid-40s and originally from Co Meath but was living in Solihull in the UK, and Ivan Chittenden (64), who travelled from his home in Toronto, Canada to take part.


The men had been taking part in the swim portion of the event when they separately got in to difficulties. They were removed from the water and pronounced dead by medical personnel.

Gardaí were present in the control room of the Ironman event all day and were at the scene of the tragedy.’

“Everybody is absolutely shocked. Thousands of people come out for an event like this. The atmosphere is normally so joyful. It is a bit quieter now. People are celebrating but at the back of your mind you are thinking somebody has lost their lives.”

Cllr Sheppard, who hails from Cobh, said that most people who completed the event had mixed feelings about how to celebrate once the news of the deaths came through.’