DOW -876 today; Crypto firms Celsius, Binance halt withdrawals; Bitcoin plummets; 0.75% FED rate high end of this week? $10 gallon gas by Nov; 15% INTEREST rate to tame inflation?; trillions lost

by Paul Alexander

FED NIGHTMARE: INFLATION OR RECESSION; my God, Biden cabal et al. doing all they could to destroy this greatest nation, we must fight back at the polls, punish all republicans & democrats who did this

This is the green new deal sh*t, this environment sh*t; this is Biden et al.’s doing and his green cabal, a bunch of nut balls, with their green energy madness, they want to destroy the US and enrich themselves with their Solyndra type deals and schemes….have you ever heard of the Vostok ice core samples? ‘Ice cores from Antarctica show that at the end of recent ice ages, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere usually started to rise only after temperatures had begun to climb. There is uncertainty about the timings, partly because the air trapped in the cores is younger than the ice, but it appears the lags might sometimes have been 800 years or more.’

When you have time, read up on Vostok.