Dr. Bryan Ardis: 'Remdesivir Was Never ‘Safe’ And Fauci Knew It'; Bryan, this is why I am one out there calling for Fauci et al. to sit in a court room & deposed, if he caused loss of life, PRISON!

by Paul Alexander

This is why I respect Ardis, he has been relentless on remdesivir, he has pointed out for the world that it was liver toxic and kidney toxic and killing COVID patients...while others pulled fuzz balls

Prison if it is shown warranted, for all who costed lives; let us examine each of them, all public health officials in COVID, all of them, and if they were correct, we thank them, but if their decisions caused deaths, we strip them of all money and we jail them!

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Remdesivir Was Never ‘Safe’ And Fauci Knew It