Dr. James Thorp is a global ObGyn Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in Gulf Breeze, Florida; interview was on medical censorship, interview with Kirsch

by Paul Alexander

Thorp: There's no such thing— there's no physician or nurse in the entire United States of America that should be believed anymore.




Dr. James Thorp (OB-GYN) on medical censorship

Interviewed by Steve Kirsch

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 DR. JAMES THORP: [On recommending the covid "vaccines"] Certainly not for pregnant women and children.  

STEVE KIRSCH: So could you then have your medical license revoked for giving your honest opinion like that?

DR. JAMES THORP: Absolutely, yes.

STEVE KIRSCH: So you're caught between your oath [Hippocratic Oath] and your duty to your patients, and losing your license.

DR. JAMES THORP: That's exactly right. There's no such thing— there's no physician or nurse in the entire United States of America that should be believed anymore. 

Patients, for those of you listening, you shouldn't believe me, you shouldn't believe your physician or your nurse. We're all under a gag order. Why would you believe us? It's ridiculous. Because if we say what is opposed to the state doctrine, we will be destroyed. Our careers will be destroyed, we'll lose our livelihood, our reputation, and we'll have our families destroyed. So you shouldn't believe them.

And if that weren't bad enough, certainly there's no such thing as fair, honest, informed consent anymore, Steve. I mean, it's all null and void. When you make threats, when we've all been threatened like we have been, all nurses and all physicians, it's outrageous.

Within a six week time the American Board of Medical Specialties, the federation of the state medical boards, the American Board of Medical Specialties, mine is American Board of OB-GYN, and we've had some rather lively debates and some interactions. I've worked with them before formally, I know them all, they're all my contemporaries, I don't them all, I know two of them, Dr Susan Ramin and I know the executive director, Dr. George Wendel, and they're really reasonable people. I don't believe they have the constitution to do this, and to actually extort physicians and threaten them like this.

STEVE KIRCH: But that's what they're doing, right?

DR. JAMES THORP: That's exactly what they're doing. I held them in extremely high esteem for forty-plus years. I've worked with them formally for at least a year, I did examinations.

STEVE KIRSCH: So you've never seen anything like this before, and you've been doing this for 45 years?

DR. JAMES THORP: Forty-two years.

STEVE KIRSCH: Forty-two years. And you've never seen this kind of thing before, where you have to go and compromise your oath? So these are extraordinary times.

DR. JAMES THORP: These are bizarre times. I've never seen anything— this kind of behavior— as I ??— I served in the United States Air Force, so I a oath that I carry to my death. And I fought for freedom of this country. And I will die on this hill. I will not tolerate this. This kind of horse manure belongs over in Pyongyang, Shanghai, Moscow or Tehran. It doesn't belong in the United States of America.

STEVE KIRSCH: How many of your associates would agree with your point of view that you just expressed with me, privately. You know, where it's not for attribution, but just, you know, of your colleagues, and you asked them, hey, totally off the record, totally anonymously, can't get in trouble, how many of them are pissed off?

DR. JAMES THORP: That's a great question. I think most of them are upset with the threats. Many of them are just so busy, Steve, that they really don't, they really, I don't know where are they. In fact, many of whom I've raised their attention, they're like, "no way!" But when I show them the document and show them the threat, it's extraordinarily concerning. I have a lot of mentees, I've trained a lot of residents, medical students, ob gyn docs, and maternal field of medicine physicians around the country, and many of them have contacted me, extraordinarily upset and concerned about the American Board of OB-GYN. 

And that's why I went in to them. I've been trying to communicate with them on LinkedIn for several months, and I guess some of my posts finally got to them. And I tried calling Dr. Wendel and he never returned my call, but he did send me a rather threatening email that I think I forwarded to you.

STEVE KIRCH: So I take it these guys aren't open to, like, a pubic debate between you and representatives from the board.


STEVE KIRSCH: Don't want to talk about it.

DR. JAMES THORP: I'll debate anybody in the world. Bring them on. I'll debate anybody in the world.

STEVE KIRSCH: See, I always thought it was just me, that nobody wanted to debate me. So you have the same problem. We have something in common, that nobody wants to debate us.