Dr. Malone, we await, can you address the claim by Dr. Katalin Karikó that you threatened her over mRNA technology, that you have misrepresented who you are, that you did not invent

by Paul Alexander

mRNA technology as you put it, can you please go on any podcast of your choosing, with any interviewer of your choosing yet allow us scientists to provide the questions just before interview?

Paul E. Alexander, PhD
Senior Advisor to TWC

Pyrrhic victories.

If you can, read to the end.

First, I have a feeling I may be sued by Dr. Robert Malone (as has been his practice when questions are raised) for the last substack asking Robert to address the claims made by Dr. Karikó. I think that if it does not come for that, this substack will invoke a suit by Robert for it asks same and questions his role in mRNA technology and what he can do to help stop the deadly effects. It is a simple request.

Robert, you moved to character assassinate me and the Breggins, and even Dr. Peter McCullough etc. on social media and it has hurt us terribly. Not to stop our lives, no, you do not have that power over anyone, but by God, do you and your inept malicious lawyer not know that people need their reputation. Your utterances and writing damage peoples’ reputations. We know he writes your content when you go on Twitter attacking people. Do you not value yours? Your character assassination of good people, while many in the very Freedom Movement stand by, is something that digs so deep inside people. Some say akin to a social death. I have watched this Freedom movement doctors stay silent while you attacked the Breggins. They should be ashamed of themselves. Just like the doctors who denied early effective treatment to sick COVID patients and pushed the lies of inferior natural immunity or the benefits of lockdowns or the safety and effectiveness (or I should say, ineffectiveness) of the fraud mRNA technology gene injection.

Yet I write this not concerned about your law suits for I will meet you always toe to toe, and not be censored as this is the push by those connected to this, to silence us. Never! We ask questions and the muscle gets put on us. Can’t work with me. I will not write by whom and what was done YET (its already written just in abeyance). I am watching their next moves. You as the reader, will be very surprised and shocked that within this very Freedom Movement, doctors and donors move to censor people like me and some others. They flex. Problem is, they can’t. Only in their rags. But the truth will come out, each word, each line, each action.

Robert, I pose the questions for Dr. Karikó’s matter again (see substack below) since you Robert are not addressing them for if left as The Atlantic wrote, it does not look good. It is troubling. This substack by me and call out to you is a means for you to clarify if the accounting is false by Dr. Karikó. That is all.

Dr. Karikó I would argue knows you best and by all accounts, worked with you on mRNA technology etc. Am I reading that correctly? If so, it is amazing to me that she would write such an article in The Atlantic, and the very media that follows the Freedom movement around goes into silent mode and will not ask you any questions or interview on this damaging Atlantic piece. The troubling aspect is it speaks to the matter at hand and your proclaimed central role in the mRNA technology. The content is very relevant for Dr. Karikó is basically saying you misrepresent who you are and your role in mRNA technology that you used to come onto the scene and gather fame and should I say, money. Shockingly to me, you have not, to this day, informed us in any useful manner, how to mitigate and stop the effects of the very mRNA technology you profess to have invented. It is mind blowing and the Freedom Movement media just gazes at their navels yet bitches about the legacy media censoring and being corrupted. If it was not so serious I would laugh. I think we are owed a proper explanation by you.

For like many in the movement, you have made lots of money on the movement (fame, donor money, money people donate to you etc. direct or indirect, as do others) because lets face it, people are and were so ravaged by the COVID response and gene injection that they look to some in the movement for answers. They only sought truth. Yes we know how substack works.

If what Dr. Karikó says is just 10% true, then the public has been greatly misled by you Robert (Dr. Malone) and you should explain this and the media in the Freedom Movement that largely pimps off of COVID pain and suffering, should question you properly, especially as to the seeming threat you made to Dr. Karikó for coming forward. If she lied and said untruths about you, then tell us, clarify for us. Show us that she lied if you can. I want to believe you yet her story is much more convincing for to this date, you cannot properly refute it. So if in any manner truthful by her, why would you threaten a female scientist who worked with you this way? Again, I am asking you to address this in the forum of your choosing, and via whom you wish yet ask that questions be submitted for the Freedom Movement media has lost credibility in this and so should be open to the proper questions be submitted to be asked.

People have said time and again and quite openly that you are a form of controlled opposition seeking to destroy the Freedom movement from within. I do not know enough as to what that means or how that looks so I am silent on that really and really, I don’t know. I do not wish to comment on anything I do not know about. I leave that there. I do not wish to comment.


For example, you said you mentored Dr. Karikó in mRNA technology (if I read that correctly), and she said not so; she hardly knows you as she said, met you once, and so is she lying? Did you really tell her what she said you told her in the form of a threat? If so, why? Why did you threaten her? Did she lie about that?

If so, why would she? It is a possibility but we need to hear from you to address firmly as it surrounds the mRNA technology. Note, I refer to your role Robert in mRNA technology that went into the COVID gene injection vaccine. I am not saying your claim is to have invented the final ‘vaccine’ product though many interviews have described you as such and in some cases you do not correct them which confuses the listener further. To be fair, maybe you do not know and in many instances these rags write and say anything for clicks and hype and ratings. Maybe even a mistake. So I wanted to be fair. But I mean your role in the ‘mRNA technology’ you said you invented.

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Can you tell us how to stop the effects of the mRNA technology you said you invented that went into the COVID injection (e.g. turn it off, reverse it, find an antidote to it, a molecular one, maybe we can inject that post shot to then turn it off??) since it is the business end of this mRNA-LNP complex in translating to the spike protein on the ribosomes in the cellular cytosol/cytoplasm. Am I being too simplistic in asking about a kind of antidote gene shot to follow the deadly one? Can you help us Dr. Malone? Can you go to the congress and testify, tell the congress, tell the world, tell America what you know, tell us how to stop the devastating effects of the COVID mRNA technology gene injection. Please help with this. If I were you, and I gave this lots of thought, I would have been outside congress 2 years ago and everyday, before they brought the gene shot and I would have gone each day, and sat on the steps until they let me in, so that I could sing the truth and tell everyone all I knew for if I would save lives, then I had to.

Why have you not? This is what boggles the mind for you have not been properly questioned from the beginning by impartial people about your role in all of this. It is so simple in my mind. If you are who you say you are, then you are the person to be questioned about this to help us fix this. This is very different from scripted rehearsed ‘friendly’ interviews. I am talking about discussions by trained people, not Freedom movement media. They are not media. They are biased and not impartial. Sadly, but there are great media people out there. Still.

If I could, I would ask Dr. Naomi Wolf to interview you, using provided questions. She has emerged more impartial and an honest broker than most in the movement. Would you agree to that? She has emerged as someone who would ONLY do the right thing. At least in my dealing with her and I find her an honest broker.

This really is a key question of mine. I think it is the most important question. Can you give us any indication about mRNA technology and the resulting vaccine? You yourself now say it is unsafe, yet it is your technology at the heart of the vaccine so how do we turn it off? You would know. We know it is unsafe and do not need t be told this, we decided that one day after it was rolled out, in fact before it was rolled out when we knew there was no proper safety testing, no genitotoxicity tests, no toxicity broad tests, no oncogenicity tests, no teratogenicity tests etc. Please tell us Sir how to address the harmful parts and to impose an antidote of sorts. I am sure people will go for a subsequent intervention if they knew it nullified the effects of the deadly mRNA technology and potential 24/7 spike protein production at a cellular level, by all cells in our bodies. The vaccine is nothing without your mRNA technology. If you do not know, how is that even possible? Yet it may be so too. I grant that. Can you tell us what would have to happen to make you unable to tell us how to stop the deadly effects? This would be very helpful to humanity.

Did you know about the mRNA being reverse transcribed as we now know based on experience with it and research evidence, yet you ‘invented’ it and how this has horrendous societal implications; did you know that DNA circular plasmids inserted into RNA and could and would code for spike 24/7? I am reading and studying up on this now and it is frightening if so. Did I read that right? There are so many questions.

Why were you silent on the vaccine and its content not staying in the injection site deltoid and thank God for Dr. Bridle for alerting the world. Order of Canada for him! Yet you ‘invented’ the mRNA technology. Did you know this? This is one of the most devastating aspects of the gene shot. We did not need our Canadian angel Bridle to alert us, you would have known. So why were you silent? You never mentioned this until we have the Japanese biodistribution data. The very nature of the technology you invented had to leave the injection site for its action (synthetic mRNA encapsulated within the lipid fatty ball) yet you remained silent on this specific issue. This was critical detail for the novice ‘unknowing’ public and it would have helped many who died, to not take the shot. They would have been properly informed about the risks and balanced it against the harms. If not, how could you not know these things when you have a 1989 paper basically describing the very process of mRNA-LNP complex?

Did you know how many threats my family experienced after you went on Twitter after I defended Drs. McCullough and Risch and Breggins from you, did you think about my family and safety? About my safety? I came to your attention and venom only when I stood up asking why would you go at McCullough and Risch in the public space knowing you were trying to discredit and embarrass them. When I read what you were writing I figured it out fast and it was not proper form by you. You should not have done this to these two superb warriors. That was misplaced by you. And I argue you knew what you were doing, must have (that is the key), it was no simple mistake and you must publicly in writing, apologize. It was meant to cast aspersions on them. You even mentioned money or real estate etc. Dr. McCullough was earning and others. You should have not done that and as a senior researcher etc. you knew what you were doing and it is that which troubles me. You were not 12 years old. And it was smearing and very very wrong!

What business was that of yours discussing McCullough that way? You did these things to embarrass him and discredit him. You know you did and any idiot reading your lines can see. Why Sir? Do you have any idea the losses Dr. McCullough has endured? Do you? Do you care? These are good people you go after and write about and I ask why? You owe him a public apology and Dr. Risch.

So as you took to the public to disparage them, so you must publicly apologize to them. I heard you openly in the Senate meeting this year (we were both with others asked to attend) speak jokingly and in a very reckless manner, in a manner that could only poison people’s minds to the Breggins, about the law suit. I did. You know you did and this too, you must apologize to them. These are good people. This is not a game.

I ask you and I am being open here. Dr. Malone, why not step back, take a deep breath, find a way to pull back and allow people too to also breath from your attacks on them. They need some time. To get over it. People are dismayed and angry by your actions. Yes they react but to you. Your initial actions have people where they are, they are only reacting yet the entire Movement is now poisoned by all of this and there is this destructive ‘chill’. Your law suits and the like have done this. People in the movement do not trust each other anymore and do not know what they can say and they have many questions for you yet afraid to ask. Imagine, the very movement set up against censorship, now runs in a censored manner.

So let it quiet down, do not write anything on Twitter and people will not react to you, if your lawyer is doing this as we all know, we were and are fully informed (I was told personally from folk on the inside), then please fire him, he is a disgrace and an idiot, an inept incompetent fool idiot for he has helped call you into refute. He is causing serious rifts between good people and stoking this. Allow yourself to heal and others too. Just stop. In time cool heads will prevail and will resolve. But stop. Leave the Breggins alone. Talk it out. And let people simmer down. And you end this. Fire that moron who is your lawyer, what a disaster he is causing you. You/he have caused people to be ‘torn’ and people react to you. I am always of the belief that anything can be solved and civilly and amicably even, if you are willing to step back. If they are. If all are, and I believe people will. You cannot go into the public space and attack people and they not respond. They must defend themselves. If it is you who write the Twitter, then you are misguided for people will react. If your lawyer as we know, please do yourself a favor, get rid of that dolt.

Do you know how much stress and duress it was after you did that with the focus now on me? Why did you lie about me so blatantly on Twitter knowing you were lying? People came to me asking me about the stuff you wrote and they were surprised when I showed them the accurate information. You purposely went on Twitter and lied and that is slander and smearing and you did it maliciously. Why? We have the screen shots. Saved. I will not repeat what you wrote for it is so dangerous.

Why did you remain silent, why did you not adequately tell the public about your January 2020 Research Gate paper describing the dangers, about the devastating harms around mRNA technology you ‘invented’? You wrote about it. The letter in question by Dr. Breggin should you take time to read it, is bullet proof. I read it and was amazed how simple yet clear it was. Words as I read them, were chosen carefully by Dr. Breggin who is a beast in his writing in the sense that he is of superb quality and technical competence. Can you address exactly what he asks in the letter for as it stands, his letter raises serious questions.

Can you in any interviews you give (not with me to ensure no claims of conflict) also tell us about your role in the deadly Remdesivir? Any role. I will like to know since Remdesivir is kidney and liver toxic and kills. I am asking as I do not know and some have stated you had a role. Lots of talk so please inform us. I do not know.

You need not answer these above but these are just some of the important questions that should be addressed for the public. Your decision. And posed only to you. You are the person in question, no one else. My responses are ONLY to you. When I wrote this piece here, it is to you. As the claimed inventor of mRNA technology. Again, I have no interest in interviewing you myself yet if you feel it will help to talk to me, let me know. Let us also consider raising money from this interview (if it is ok with you and you know how and can decide how to do that) if with me and we will give 100% of it to victims of the mRNA technology gene injection. Many are harmed as you know and died. We will give the money to their families as the government with liability protection leaves people high and dry. If you are uncomfortable with this idea, we will not do that. But let us find a podcast and forum you wish and interviewers you wish. You. Yet allow us (public) to pose the questions, many will come forward once we issue the call out for questions.

Hoping you can find that grace in you, that mercy, that gracious mercy, that humanity, that decency, that brotherly love, that goodness that must reside, I have hope always, let us find that, so please step back, please consider, people even do not need like each other but can still civilly tackle the task at hand.

Yet know that if you tear at people, they will react similar to you. They are only human. So you must stop. Just stop. Let people in time ‘heal’ and find the way to cut behind the madness and kiss and make up and move on. Life is too short and difficult. No need for explanations, just stop, and move on. People will ‘right’ themselves with time but time to make nice. Check egos, check image, check all that crap and just move on. Arms open. We got to find it in our hearts to forgive and you need to know something Robert, these people you are in issues with, they are strong, egos too, worked hard to get where they are, dedicated, will not allow you to damage them etc. and as much as you think you can get at them with law suits, they will fight you harder. I know them. They can use the same legal system. So please, no one will win here. No one. You will damage yourself and them and them, them. So stop. There is no victory but harm to names and reputations and the like. Pyrrhic victories. That is all. Is it worth it, and to hurt each other? Good people? Making your idiotic stupid lawyer richer?

All of us have to do this, to operate this way. For the good. There is so much pain in the world as to what happened in COVID response (how they killed our parents and grand parents with isolation, dehydration, malnourishment, sedation (midazolam, morphine), Remdesivir, ventilator, DNR, denial of antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia). So much pain, so much devastation for our children. We do not need this Dr. Malone. We need to be gentle with each other, it has been a long hard 3 years. People are torn and there are wounds. Let us dig inside and find the love. Stop thinking of people who question you as enemies. Stop. Find a way to talk it out civilly and I only reply in stack because you go to Twitter and stack to write. You have to know we only react to you. If people wish to solve anything, as difficult as it may seem, it can be solved. It is time, it is is time to step back Robert. Do not be concerned about how it will be reconciled, just be a willing participant and it will happen. Good people will make it happen. It is time.

May I ask you (not the lackies around you who are hanger-ons, but you) if you personally can reach out to Drs. Breggin, McCullough, Risch and apologize? People will find the right words. Do not worry about that. Do not worry about me, I will get there. As I said, we must do what is best for the people, we are saving lives and it is critical. People only react to you. It is time that this ends. I know you have matters with Stew and others yet I ask that people seize the moment and yes, there are questions but let them be answered cogently, fully, timely, and respectfully, and I plead that you help us with answers to the technology for we are no way ahead and people have died and will die due to these shots. Can you find it in you to rise Sir, all have to, and help us? This is an American thing, a global thing and we need all hands on deck. There are serious questions yet let us resolve to move forward and we will work this out, amicably. It is up to you. I do not pretend to speak for others I have mentioned, I am only trying to find the language and words to help reconcile this. I may be a bumbling idiot here but I wanted to try. And remember, when you Robert take to the public space, people react. It is only natural. Let us stop.

However, at the same time, fire your idiotic asinine STUPID lawyer. What a dingdong, egghead, dimwit of a lawyer, he creates more damage to you than he solves. Do not pay that idiot one more penny! In fact, if you did, take your money back!