Dr. Naomi Wolf and Mr. Steve Bannon connect the vaccine dots; "Raising the Red Flags"; please give credit to WarRoom DailyClout volunteers, for this extensive scholarship

by Paul Alexander

Great scholarship by Etana Hecht and Naomi Wolf

Etana does a fabulous job here bringing key information together, the content and style is superb.


Etana Hecht


Dr. Naomi Wolf, Steve Bannon, The War room Posse, and the DailyClout team have been on fire. Dr. Wolf has been featured on War room every day this week, and with each appearance, she brings more information that answers some questions while raising others. Details about the web woven between US Federal health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, foreign entities, and the Chinese govt, alongside the accelerating societal disaster of vaccine fallout should be the most widely discussed and investigated scandal of our time, and it’s mind-boggling that this conversation is still mostly limited to our little corner of the Internet. Here are Dr. Wolf’s War room segments from this week, I recommend watching all of them for the full picture, but below the links are some highlights:

April 25 April 26 April 27 April 28


Scott Gottlieb, former head of the FDA now sits on the board at Pfizer. He discussed applying for an EUA for kids Covid boosters while admitting they will not reach an efficacy rate of 50%. His bio is a revolving door of the FDA, Pfizer, MSNBC, CBS, and the NYT.

It’s shameless - he’s admitting the vaccines don’t work, but he still advocates injecting children in order to achieve a “baseline immunity” that he doesn’t even claim will protect them from symptoms. Lawyers theorize he’s laying a paper trail to try and claim they disclosed the information. Meanwhile, the CDC was forced to issue a correction stating that they’d overcounted kids dying from covid by a factor of 26%. Their entire narrative of kids dying from covid was manufactured and effective at convincing parents to vaccinate their kids, from which there’s no turning back. It must be mentioned repeatedly that the FDA and Pfizer fully planned on hiding the vaccine data for 75 years, and went to great lengths in a failed attempt to keep it concealed.

BioNTech SEC Filing

Dr. Wolf has been studying a SEC filing by BioNTech from 2021, alongside documents and news reports surrounding joint ventures between Pfizer, BioNTech, and a Chinese company called Fosun Pharma. The filing raised numerous red flags:

  • Two unnamed US citizens hold most of the BioNTech shares along with one Hong Kong-based individual. That individual transferred over 5 million shares back into the company in exchange for $0 right before the pandemic began.

  • On Page 22 of the SEC filing, BioNTech listed its accomplishments for 2021. Along with administering over 3 billion vaccine doses, they proudly listed new headquarters in Singapore and China, and a joint venture plus tech transfer with a Chinese company called Fosun Pharma. They noted that for strategic reasons they chose not to implement the tech transfer with China at the end of 2021 until after marketing approval has been granted.

  • Fosun Pharma, a CCP-aligned Shanghai-based company, will inject $100M into this joint venture with BioNTech. The German company will provide the patent, tech, and know-how, and the Chinese company will provide the vaccine facilities.

  • In the SEC filing, there’s a list of side effects and adverse events that consumers are supposed to be informed of. Included in that list are fainting, falling, and heart disease. The CDC public list of adverse events is a watered-down version of the full list in the SEC.

Dr. Wolf and the rest of us have some questions about the above information. These findings are the background to the questions that have been swirling about the immense harm we’re seeing from the vaccine. What does “Tech Transfer” mean in the context of BioNTech sending over technology to China?


Dr. Wolf laid out a timeline with the following events as it stands:

2009: Pfizer opened Research and Development hubs in 3 Chinese cities, one of them being Wuhan, with the support of the CCP R&D organization.

2020: Pfizer partnered with BioNTech to acquire mRNA technology to manufacture the Covid vaccines.

March 2020: BioNTech launched a formal joint venture with Fosun in Shanghai, who injected 100M dollars into it. The Chinese provide the vaccine facilities, and the Germans provide the technology.

June 2021: SEC filing shows Tech transfer being complete from BioNTech to China. Pfizer’s regional base for global distribution has been listed as its Wuhan headquarters.

This entire twisted timeline casts a dark shadow over the vaccine fallout we’re seeing at an increasing rate. This can no longer be considered a US bungling of clinical trials and attempting to cover themselves as harms emerge from their negligence. This must be treated as a potential national security threat from foreign entities who feel no allegiance to US citizens at best, and would actively like to see the US harmed at worst.

Institutional Failures

Institutions that society has tasked with specific responsibilities have failed spectacularly. It can’t be overstated that those responsible for Covid/Vaccine fallout must be held accountable. If they are not, there’s nothing to stop bad actors from running this playbook all over again to various ends. The work that private citizens like Dr. Naomi Wolf, Del Bigtree, Aron Siri, and many others are doing to ensure that information that belongs to all of us is accessible to all of us, and then acting upon that information to hold people in power to account is invaluable.

  • Government: Congress, US Intelligence Communities, and the FDA are the ones who are meant to be protecting us from foreign entities who intend to cause us harm. Instead, with a handful of exceptions, they’re either ignoring the calls for help or actively trying to assist Pfizer with long-term data concealment.

  • Media: Where are the journalists? There are thousands of actively engaged private citizens doing research, studying documents, and sharing information. Unfortunately, the Old Mainstream Media has been institutionally captured by pharmaceutical industries and govt regulators (Hello, Scott Gottlieb) for a long time. These are puppets, not journalists:

  • Academia: With over 1000 universities still mandating the vaccine, and over 1/3 of those still mandating the booster for millions of healthy young men and women, there are numerous examples that demonstrate the negligence of critical thinking among those tasked to think. University administrators openly admit to deferring to official CDC guidance for all Covid-related matters, even as official CDC guidance seems more absurd by the day.

So just to take a quick recap: Pfizer, the FDA, and the CDC knew very early on that the vaccine was neither safe nor effective. With billions of dollars, government mandates, no informed consent, and a media campaign the likes of which we’ve never seen before, the above agencies declared quite definitively, with zero room for discussion that indeed the vaccines ARE safe and effective. Hundreds of millions of people ages 5+ have now taken an experimental injection with brand new technology and zero long-term studies.

We’re now well into the second year since vaccines have been in circulation. Here’s a great but horrific summary of where that’s led- so far.

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Denmark apparently is waking up. Stay tuned for more, as the unspeakable becomes inevitable.

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Finally, this is an absolute must-read by Dr. Wolf. So many of us are experiencing similar roller-coaster emotions, and reading it in her words is therapeutic.”

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