Dr. Naomi Wolf is agonizing as she witnesses TWITTER executives & similar now squirm who sought to destroy her life & impose reputational damage, shattering her dreams

by Paul Alexander

'They persecuted not just me but Dr Martin Kulldorff; Dr Jay Bhattacharya; Dr Paul Alexander; Dr Peter McCullough'. They were willing to collude illegally with the government to decide for Americans

Dr. Wolf is actually seeing the faces of the IMO, malfeasants, who singled her out, who colluded with the White House, with Carol Crawford of CDC, and with DHS potentially (to be verified), who did this ending with suspensions of her and her constitutional rights. Her right of free speech, and the irony of it all was that Dr. Wolf was simply trying to warn women of menstrual harms following mRNA injection. These people function to commit crimes against freedom of speech and the Constitution. Will this be shown in the end?

Imagine that. Imagine we are now seeing clearly how and by whom this insanity was done.


These malfeasants IMO, operated ex cathedra, pontificating on us and Wolf was a clear target of their venom. Dr. Wolf is right to be outraged, all of us are who were cancelled and blocked and shut down and smeared (McCullough, Alexander, Risch etc.) for in the end, we were damaged and lives were lost. Lives were lost due to their attacks on our rights of free speech for all we were doing was pointing people to accurate and updated, trustworthy high-quality data and evidence for more balanced informed decision-making.

Big Tech, IT, media like TWITTER, Facebook, and all similar platforms colluded to deny Americans access to proper accurate data and information from us and it ended up being harmful and costed lives for what they did instead was promote the false and misleading and half-baked incomplete narratives from government technocrats and bureaucrats, from leaders of public health alphabet agencies and television doctors who simply lied to the public. To advance COVID lockdown lunatic and vaccine narratives that today we know turned out to be all 100% wrong!

So we were blocked and they were advanced, yet in doing so, their policies and actions and free unbridled access to the airways and media killed people. We were simply trying to give all the data and information for balanced, fair, and complete decision-making. This is why investigations are a must. It is no so much our rights though a devastating infringement, but what it lead to. It lead to conspiring against the American people and deaths of Americans and someone must be held to account.

That is what these illogical, irrational, specious, often absurd and non-sensical technocrats and IT and media executives do not seem to understand, which is that their direct actions and decisions costed thousands of lives and so we must get accountability. We want justice. In proper legal forums and tribunals. We want to be made ‘whole’ again and we want all those who ‘lost’ due to the COVID lockdown lunacy, the beautiful mom and pop, our parents, grand-parents who died in isolation and misery in the medical system (sedated, pumped with toxic Remdesivir, intubated and ventilated often dying of malnourishment and dehydration behind a glass window), those who were forced under threat of law and job loss to take the gene injection shot, the blue collared, the every day employee who were denigrated and demeaned for wanting to ask questions and to exercise their natural immunity, we want them made ‘whole’ for their losses. At the same time, we want all those who partook in the lockdown lunacy and the COVID gene injection, in all of its ineffectiveness and harms, to pay, as a good governance society would permit.

I stand with Dr. Wolf in her fight to safeguard women’s health, that of the developing child in utero from the ravage of the COVID gene injection, as well as he leadership fight for all people. Her work works in tandem with tremendous work by Dr. James Thorpe, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Dr. Howard Tenenbaum, Dr. Henele et al.

As she writes:

‘But this time they appear in our America, in their bad blue suits, with their pompous nasal voices; saying “I have no knowledge of this matter”; or “I can’t hear the question”; as they occupy, with their damaged consciences, their nauseating excuses, seats in a hearing room on Capitol Hill in the United States of America.

Will we let these cultural functionaries — who operate just like those petty tyrants of the cultures of Berlin and Munich not so long ago — take up space, with impunity, in the heart of our America?

Or will we drag America back into daylight and sunlight again, and force these equivocating wretches to face their own degenerate crimes — crimes against freedom of speech and the Constitution?’

Dr. Wolf presents how this now looks to her as US congressional hearings begin and I share her always prescient and well written substack on this issue titled

“The Pain of Listening To Twitter Censorship Testimony; Nasty, Ill-Dressed Technocrats, I Want My Life Back’:

Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf
The Pain of Listening To Twitter Censorship Testimony
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