Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Amalgamated 'Red Pill' News (ARPN): 7.30 pm EST RECAP report, October 31st 2022

by Paul Alexander

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This is the BLUE-PRINT for a Republican congress and senate to hold the proper investigations to get to the bottom of the manufacture (Gain-of-Function) and release of COVID-19, as well as investigations of all of the COVID lockdown polices, mandates, and the decisions and actions taken in developing and bringing the COVID gene injection (vaccine). This is imperative for any administration to get accountability for all of the policies and decisions made with regards to COVID-19:

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PRIORITY ONE (1) ‘must reads’:

1)Brazilian president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva calls for 'peace and unity' after beating far-Right rival Jair Bolsonaro in knife-edge election that split the nation after millions cast their votes... but will the 'Trump of the Tropics' concede defeat?

“Brazil's veteran leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has urged for 'peace and unity' after being elected president on Sunday by a hair's breadth, beating his far-right rival Jair Bolsonaro in a down-to-the-wire poll that split the country in two.”

2)CBS News cannot use their corrupted machine anymore and finally gets it and admits Republicans will win the House

“That doesn't bode well for the party in power: Republicans are winning those who say "out of control" right now by more than 20 points, though they're often the ones feeling that way to begin with.”

3)Kanye West apologizes to the BLACK community for recent comments - saying his statement about George Floyd was insensitive and bizarrely claiming that he too knows 'what it feels to have a knee on my neck right now'

Kanye West went on a bizarre rant on Friday night in front of gathered paparazzi in which he apologized for falsely claiming George Floyd died from the narcotic drug fentanyl rather than the reality which saw a Minneapolis police officer suffocating him by placing a knee on his neck for nine minutes.”

4)Joe Biden: We Must Stop Republican ‘Malarkey’ That Is Inciting Violence

“You can’t condemn the violence unless you condemn those people who continue to argue the election was not real, that it’s being stolen, that all the malarkey that’s being put out there to undermine democracy,” he said.”

5)Shock Poll: Nearly Eight of Ten Americans Believe Country Is “Out of Control”; Independents Break Hard to GOP

“With just over a week until election day, the mood of the country portends doom for the party in power–the Democrats. A new CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll shows 79 percent of Americans believe the country is “out of control” with only 21 percent saying things are “under control.”

5)Alberta Premier Says Province Won’t Permit Any Further Mask Mandates for K-12 Students

“Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has made it clear she won’t tolerate any more mask mandates for students in the province’s school system because of the harmful effects she says masking has on children. “The detrimental effects of masking on the mental health, development and education of children in classroom settings is well understood, and we must turn the page on what has been an extremely difficult time for children, along with their parents and teachers,” Smith wrote in a statement released Oct. 29.”

6)Supreme Court Leaves Intact Ruling That Let US Require Masks on Planes, Trains

“The US Supreme Court let stand a ruling that said the Transportation Security Administration could require airline passengers to wear masks during the height of the pandemic, keeping in place a precedent issued by a key federal appeals court.”

7)Lockdowns and the impact have become a major issue on the campaign trail; On the campaign trail, Republicans ramp up anti-science, anti-Covid, often anti-Fauci messaging

“WASHINGTON — Even as the pandemic fades from our daily lives, it is at the forefront in Republican campaigns across the country, with candidates arguing that scientific institutions have amassed too much power. Among deeply conservative and often Trump-backed congressional and gubernatorial candidates, calls to investigate or even jail Anthony Fauci have become regular campaign rallying cries. Ads lambasting Democrats for school shutdowns, business closures and mask mandates are running in heated races including in Georgia and Florida, where Democratic candidates trail their opponents in the polls.”

8)COVID-19 Origins: Investigating a “Complex and Grave Situation” Inside a Wuhan Lab; The Wuhan lab at the center of suspicions about the pandemic’s onset was far more troubled than known, documents unearthed by a Senate team reveal. Tracing the evidence, Vanity Fair and ProPublica give the clearest view yet of a biocomplex in crisis.

“For 15 months, Reid loaned this unusual skill to a nine-person team dedicated to investigating the mystery of COVID-19’s origins. Commissioned by Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the team examined voluminous evidence, most of it open source but some classified, and weighed the major credible theories for how the novel coronavirus first made the leap to humans. An interim report, released on Thursday by the minority oversight staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP), concludes that the COVID-19 pandemic was “more likely than not, the result of a research-related incident.”

9)Are You Ready for the “No One Could Have Known” Routine?

This was written by a colleague in August 2020

“Ready for another rendition of the “no one could have known” routine made famous by all the self-proclaimed liberals who shamelessly went along with the Neo-Cons planned and lie-supported destruction of the Middle East nearly two decades ago?

As in “no one could have known” that by shutting down life as we know it to focus obsessively on a virus mostly affecting what is still a relatively small number of people at the end of their lives (yes, oh squeamish ones we must summon the courage to talk about Quality Adjusted Life Years when making public policy).”

PRIORITY TWO (2) ‘very important’:

1)NEWSMAX Host Questions If Staged...Pelosi attack staged?

2)LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY; We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID. By Emily Oster

In my opinion, this is a NON STARTER. They must be held to account for the lives they cost with their lockdown lunacy.

3)'We're broken.' In the suburbs north of Los Angeles, voters feel fed up and afraid

“He and his wife, Alyssa Castro Amalfitano, who owns a boutique two doors away, say they’re so disenchanted with politicians' failure to bring Americans together and to make life better for Californians that they're considering not voting in the November election. "Everyone is fed up," says Sergio, 37. “All you can do is work hard, try to make a living and stay in your lane.”

4)China Dismisses ‘Fabricated’ Virus Leak Theory Revived by Report

“China lashed out at a report about a lab in the city of Wuhan where the coronavirus first appeared, saying it was driven by politics in the US.”

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (breaking & ongoing):

1)An unusual presentation of acute deep vein thrombosis after the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine-a case report

“We report an unusual presentation of acute deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the right upper extremity of a 27-year-old Caucasian female, 3 days after receipt of her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.”