Dr. Robert Redfield: "Fauci knows' he funded gain-of-function research, 'misled Congress,' former CDC director says "Nothing's going to happen as long as the Biden administration is here"

by Paul Alexander

Redfield is getting threats on his life since he came out in support of lab leak as COVID origin, placing it at Francis Collins & Fauci's feet; I am 100% with him, he is a good man, I know him, decent

He was weak on CDC for he did not fire them all, top down, he too did not understand the filth at CDC, the corruption and how much they were working with deepstate and Fauci and Birx to topple a sitting POTUS Trump. The deepstate and CDC and nIH and FDA and top officials, with Fauci and Birx and even vaccine makers conspired and worked against Trump at every move. His problem is he trusted the very members of the establishment that worked against him and betrayed him at each turn. Navarro was probably one of the only people who he could trust, even Bannon he could. Even down to family in my mind did not help him. He made a series of devastating personnel choices based on his trusting and they turned around as Helen’s of Troy, two-faced snakes. Some of the most dangerous duplicitous conniving ‘Brutus’ type people work right there in our governments and they conspire and work against the best interest of the United States daily and they have no care for the nation or future.

He Trump trusted the RINO republicans who undercut him and subverted him working with democrats and the deepstate. Again, Redfield was weak, misplaced, not of the competence. Big mistake hiring him for that role, you needed a mandingo animal (not a politician) to take CDC to the studs. The only person I felt had the depth to be there was Giroir and he had a hell of a job in that cesspit of snakes and trying to fix the devastation of CDC’s initial failed testing. CDC damaged the US and had it flying blind for 5 weeks, no test. What an incompetent agency.

You may have your views on him and his past work, that is your right. I talk on the person I met and worked with. I found him smart, God fearing, decent, but in a battle with the insiders at CDC; he was fighting the fraudsters at CDC as he was fought COVID. He was wrong on masks and at this point who knows what threats he faced within. I am not excusing him, as I said up top, weak, and incapable for that post. Yet I feel strongly he was not part of any cabal to topple and hurt Trump, but very weak. Just could not help. Not the right person for the job to head CDC. They are animals up in there, many, many good too, but he is not an animal. If you listen his views are changing or he is ‘coming clean’. Let us hear what next he says. Again, not a malevolent person like many there and on that Task Force, just clueless, too weak, and not the right person. Yet Walensky’s ineptness and stupidity on all things COVID and lies, make him blush. I was hoping she was better, I wanted her to be and felt she could be. But was I wrong! Red pilled on her!


He should not be threatened this way and this shows you what is at stake. We all face this daily!



‘Robert Redfield told former Senate Finance Committee investigator Paul Thacker that National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci "knew" he funded gain-of-function research that makes viruses more dangerous, and "misled Congress" when he denied it," but "[n]othing's going to happen as long as the Biden administration is here."‘