Dr. Zev Zelenko & Mr. Foster Coulson, two people who become friends & collectively, helped shape the way COVID-19 patients were therapeutically treated; I was reading the New years eve letter Foster

by Paul Alexander

sent us all at TWC & when I asked him if I could share it, he agreed. This is worth supporting. The company is The Wellness Company (www.TWC.Health) with Drs. McCullough, Risch, Amerling, myself etc.

Allow me to give some background given my supportive role now in The Wellness Company, in support of these fine academics and clinicians. In support of the vision to improve health and wellness for Canadians, Americans, yet all peoples.

Foster Coulson is a friend and the Founder & CEO of The Wellness Company, a company I am proud to be associated with that is actually making a difference and who is actually taking a stand to make peoples’ lives better. Foster was a close trusted friend to Dr. Zev Zelenko and supported Dr. Zelenko as Dr. Zelenko sought to heal the sick by mainstreaming ‘early treatment’ for COVID-19.


I decided to share this letter for I believe this company is worth supporting and I wanted to show what is being done behind the scenes as 2023 unfolds. There is a tremendous lot of ‘freedom fighting’ taking place and Foster Coulson is one player who is not in the forefront but is making major accomplishments happen. The result I am seeing is staggering. Rapid and far reaching. His push is international also.

The company can be found at www.TWC.Health

This is the actual letter Foster sent the staff at TWC:

‘Dear TWC Family,

Right before my good friend Dr Vladimir Zelenko headed in to the surgery that ultimately took his life earlier this year he said the most powerful thing I have ever heard. He said, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” Zev was a lion, and taught me the meaning of true courage, and unwavering faith. In a world of frauds and grifters Zev was pure of heart and wanted to use his incredible talents for one single, noble purpose. To heal the sick. His courage, faith and compassion were my inspiration for starting The Wellness Company.

Fast forward from June 2022 to today. Starting a business in any sector is tough, it will challenge you in every way you can imagine, and in ways you didn’t realize.  A new business will push you to your limit and teach you all about your character and integrity.  It will force you to dig deep to find every last ounce of strength to will something into existence. The Wellness Company is not the first business I have started, but it is by far the most important. I am proud to fight tooth and nail to leave a positive impact on the world.

The challenge is constant, and the battle is always uphill. The world always fights the dreamers who make their dream reality. Those outside the company protect the status quo and battle change. Building new technology and products from scratch requires grit, courage, and tireless focus by the team in the face of setbacks. This will never discourage me, We will all sleep in the beds we make, and the good of heart always prevail.

Alongside the monumental challenge of starting a business, there is an authoritarian monster rearing it’s head. For the simple act of advocating for medical freedom, and despite being proven right time after time over the past several years, TWC, it’s leaders and many like us have been censored, ostracized, and threatened. The threats come from governments, big tech and the saddest of all, other freedom fighters who claim to be part of the same movement against medical tyranny. The authoritarian left and others who seek to sow discord instead of provide solutions in the medical freedom movement will try to make us fail, they will pull us back down and discredit us. They try to make it harder for us to be successful rather than build a powerful coalition.

No matter who tries to stand in our way, we will rise up and take on this fight well aware that the odds are against us and the chance of failure is high. Some things are worth fighting for. Do you know why?

The answer is simple. I do not believe there is another company or organization that can match the purity of our intentions to make a difference to help people. With little effort you will see who owns these other medical freedom companies and organizations. They are owned by their donors and funded with dark money, or were created by big pharma, or led by billionaire crypto pedophiles. Their motives always lead to the same places every single time: Fame, Money and Power. 

Too many clamor for attention and repeat the same meaningless talking points over and over. Hosting twitter parties to pat each other on the back, or lavish fundraisers with no more purpose for their donor money than garner more press and host even more donor parties designed to just give their friends cushy jobs. But the question I have is what you all should have: What are any of them ACTUALLY doing to fix a broken system? How are ANY of them bettering our lives, or creating meaningful change? It’s one thing to stand on the roof tops and shout about a problem we all know exists, but what then?  What about solutions?

When I started TWC, I dug in to see who had those answers to the questions above. But the deeper I went in my search to find those who cared and made a difference, all I found was disappointment at what really was happening: Donor money being spent on personal extravagances. “Alliances” and “Summits” formed with little more than an interest in gaining email addresses to monetize  though advertising. I’ve personally witnessed other well known, caring doctors and scientists being threatened and bullied into supporting organizations with suspect motives. I personally have been threatened and others I know are being sued by “freedom fighters” who claim they want to fight medical tyranny.

These organizations will come and go, and the frauds will eventually self-implode. My focus is building something that will care for those that have been let down, have been ignored, have been mocked for their beliefs and their views. And while I am sometimes frustrated, at TWC we don’t yell, scream and threaten. Do you know why? Because we are laser-focused on innovation and improving services to help people. We do this a number of different ways. We stand up for people’s God-given rights for autonomy over their body, we develop products that are effective, and offer medical packages and services designed by some of the best medical professionals in the world. 

I have mentioned money. Do we need to make money as a company to be sustainable? Of course. But as we reinvest every penny of profits to create ACTUAL meaningful change, funding is a necessity for sustainability. I will spend every penny I have to build The Wellness Company into an engine for change and a force for good. We will become an unstoppable freight train with the scale to measurably improve peoples lives. 

The Wellness Company  is not just another business to me, it is my life’s calling.  TWC can fix this broken world we live in. My greatest compensation is watching each person we help heal. I am paid the legal minimum of $1.00 per year as Founder, Funder and CEO of The Wellness Company in order to put the resources I can back into TWC.

No amount of money in the world is worth more than listening to the success stories from our groundbreaking Freedom from Pharma program where we are helping people deprescribe from unnecessary medication and take back their lives. Or hearing about students who our Medical Exemption program helped stay on the track and field team without getting an unnecessary and often dangerous vaccine. The emails I get from our customers are inspirational, beautiful and motivating. They fuel my desire to fight. These may seem like small things, but they are EVERYTHING to the people we help on a daily basis, so they mean everything to me as well.

As we leave 2022 I am so thankful for everyone who is a part of this company, and those who have entrusted their health to us. It’s been tough, its been emotional, it has pushed us all, but we persevered.

Heading into 2023 I want to tell you just a little about our next chapter as we push the boundaries of medical care and medical freedom:

  • We are preparing to launch ‘TWC Lifestyles’ – Which members will get for $99/Month and includes:

    • Monthly separate visits with a nutritionist AND fitness coach.

    • At home work out equipment.

    • Access to custom made fitness and yoga videos. 

  • TWC will launch its Dental program next week:

    • Offering up to 80% off dental services across the USA. 

    • This also includes a line of dental products for straighter teeth and brighter smiles. 

  • Our TWC Smart Ring will launch – To members only. 

    • It enables members to track their smart ring data in our app. The data will be made available to our medical teams and you will work with them to optimize your health. 

  • We are going to announce more member benefits including being able to vote and provide input into company direction, products, and the type of corporate transparency they want to see from TWC. 

  • Finally, we have officially partnered with My Free Doctor USA, because we understand that not everyone in America can afford healthcare, but everyone deserves it. TWC is committed to providing healthcare to all, even if it doesn’t improve our bottom line. I challenge you to find another company out there that can say the same...

This is only the beginning…….

We can only enact the type of change we are fighting for everyday through the loyalty of our customers and the faith they place in us to fight for them. 

We at TWC are powered by our members and they are and will always be #1. 

Thank you.

Foster Coulson’