Elon Musk hits back at CNBC reporter over claims that Hispanic Texas mall shooter was a 'white supremacist': 'Bull****' Blazemedia

by Paul Alexander




Musk rebutted the intimation that he had amplified unhinged conspiratorial thinking and turned the tables, calling into question Faber's understanding of the atrocious event and its perpetrator.

"You do some tweets that seem to be or at least give support to some who would call others 'conspiracy theorists,'" Faber said early in the interview.

Musk replied, "Some of these conspiracy theories have turned out to be true," citing the Hunter Biden laptop story as a prime example.

Ostensibly looking to trip Musk up, Faber referenced a tweet Musk wrote on May 9 pertaining to the Allen, Texas, mall shooting and the allegations circulated in the liberal media that the Hispanic shooter was a "white supremacist."

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"When you link to somebody who's talking about the guy who killed children in a mall in Allen, Texas," said Faber. "You say something like it might be a bad psy-op. Not quite sure what you meant."

Musk's controversial tweet was in reply to a meme posted by Josie Glabach, known as the Redheaded libertarian on Twitter.

The meme, titled, "This sounds like a psyop," suggested that mental gymnastics were required to arrive at the conclusion the shooter was a white supremacist.

The meme was captioned, "A employee of state funded media told us a Jewish lady and a Korean guy radicalized a Mexican neo-nazi gang member ... According to a recent diary that appeared on a Russian social media site ... That happened to have receipts of the gun used and pictures of nazis pulled of[f] Reddit and the internet ... Even though he doesn't speak Russian."

Musk responded, "Didn't the story come from @bellingcat, which literally specializes in psychological operations? I don't want to hurt their feelings, but this is either the weirdest story ever or a very bad psyop!"

Explaining his tweet to Faber, Musk said, "In that particular case ... I think it was incorrectly described to be a 'white supremacist,' actually."

Musk noted that the evidence for the white supremacist claim "was some obscure Russian website that no one's ever heard of, that had no followers, and the company that found this is Bellingcat."

"Do you know what Bellingcat is? Psy-ops," said Musk.

The Twitter CEO provided Faber with a summary of his views on the matter, "I'm saying I thought that ascribing it to 'white supremacy' was bull****. And that the information for that came from an obscure Russian website and was somehow magically found by Bellingcat, which is a company that does psy-ops."

Bellingcat is purportedly an open-source intelligence outlet based in the Netherlands, founded in 2014. It has received funds from various sources, including the European CommissionSoros' Open Society Foundations, and the American government's National Endowment for Democracy.

The May 9 article on the Bellingcat website, penned by Aric Toler, detailed posts made on the Odnoklassniki account allegedly belonging to the now-deceased 33-year-old Hispanic gunman, noting it "espoused far-right viewpoints and contained pictures of Garcia showing off at least two Nazi tattoos."

Bellingcat reported that one month before the May 6 shooting, a post detailing a selection of tattoos, including a swastika and an SS symbol, appeared on the page. The post indicates that the shooter was "culturally appropriating" symbols such as the black panther and the swastika for his own purposes.

The account was also reportedly laden with identifying documents, such as a speeding ticket with the shooter's name and date of birth both conveniently visible.

While Musk claimed Bellingcat found the account, Toler noted that the Odnoklassniki page was first mentioned in a May 8 New York Times report and admitted that it was "unclear how the investigators cited in the article learned about this account."

Bellingcat creative director Eliot Higgins did not take well the suggestion that his outfit was in the business of spreading disinformation, tweeting early Wednesday, "If @elonmusk thinks Bellingcat is a psy-op than its a reflection of the absolute garbage he consumes from the likes of Aaron Mate. As a 'tech guy' I'm sure he's familiar with the phrase 'Garbage in, garbage out'. That's how his brain works."

In response to Faber's suggestion that there was no proof the shooter was not a white supremacist, Musk concluded, "I would say there is no proof that he is."

Hank Sibley, the regional director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, indicated that the evidence points to him having been a Hispanic Nazi.

"We do know that he had Neo-Nazi ideation," said Sibley. "He had patches, he had tattoos, even his signature verified that. That’s one thing we do know. We’re trying to get into his computer and on social media and find out whether he had anything that he publicized."‘