Emergency powers: how to keep emergency powers & declarations ongoing? Well, you keep an ineffective & harmful, deadly vaccine ongoing that causes & enhances infection & death; PRESTO!

by Paul Alexander

The pandemic will never end if you keep vaccinating across age-groups, while virus is circulating, using a sub-optimal vaccine that can't sterilize the virus, then emergency powers will stay in place!

The US government has figured out how to keep the emergency powers in place. Just use the vaccine and keep the vaccine going, as infections and serious disease will never end. It is perverse and near criminal. Other nations like Canada doing same and now trying to lump RSV and flu in this madness. Madness it is! But you figured it out, you my most smartest and critical thinking supports. Thank you all!

I am actually thinking about all of this as devised to reshape the world and take power and liberties and they needed the emergency powers and to do that, they the malfeasants, need a reason. Need a fraud fake pandemic and the fraud vaccine. Yet need to keep the fraud infections going and the vaccine is the perfect tool for once you keep injecting within the pandemic, it will never come to and end. And thus emergency declarations will need to be continued. Its perverse and ingenious. And the best part is that you do not need all of the population to be vaccinated. As long as a segment of the population is vaccinated, you can keep the pandemic going. As variant after variant will be generated because you are vaccinating while there is circulating pathogen and thus the selection pressure by the sub-optimal vaccinal immunity will drive the variants to emerge. Ongoing infectious pressure with rising mounting vaccinal immunity will always lead to variants.