Et tu Hong Kong? Et tu? When you had the strongest COVID lockdowns and vaccines? How?

by Paul Alexander

Up to March 3 it was a nightmare. I would have thought your curves would look like India's. What has India done so differently?

These graphs show something that is clear throughout, that we must stop the non-sterilizing injection that drives infections and deaths, it is driving infectious variants, there will be a rise, a peak, a decline, and deaths 2 weeks post rise. Why then continue this way? Is it the intent to keep this pandemic going for 100 years? Using this injection that does not stop transmission and will only keep resulting in curve after curve with associated deaths? The injection is damaging the immune response (adaptive and innate). The injection is causing the infections, the cases, the ER trips and deaths. Especially the more doses you take and it is ravaging our older populations e.g. > 50.