Excellent POTUS Biden, you single handle pushed Russia into China's arms & have Vlad & Kim spooning, see what you did with your WW III madness, you & your State frat boys & neocons? I guess

by Paul Alexander

this now gives Obama and you the open you always were seeking, yet 'secretly' in giving Iran (Obama's brothers) the nuke...we knew, Obama gave Iran the drone & naval gun boats to attack Israel & US



North Korea may supply Russia with more weaponry for its war in Ukraine and other military cooperation, it has emerged.

Kim Jong-un plans to travel to Russia this month to hold a 'leader-level diplomatic engagement' with Vladimir Putin, the New York Times reported on Monday, citing US and allied sources.

Officials say Kim - who rarely travels outside his country - is likely to travel this month to Vladivostok, on Russia's Pacific coast not far from North Korea, to meet with Putin.’