EXCESS mortality 2020 to now April 2022; where are the honest journalists? Where is the CDC, NIAID, or NIH? Or even FDA to raise this? Where are academic scientists in EBM world? McMaster??

by Paul Alexander

Where are the doctors, the specialists, the scientists, the statisticians? Did they spend the bogus grant money already? Oh, sorry, I guess they already spread it out & partied, so can't see the graph

Where are the EBMA greats out of McMaster U, Hamilton? Are they not seeing the failure of the vaccines? The harms? The excess deaths? Yikes, I guess they are busy spending the conflicted grant money…oh, I should have known. I guess same elsewhere at UofT and McGill et al. I guess so. Same at Harvard and Stanford and the like. I guess so. Seems excess deaths prolonged in the 25-44 year age group is not that much of a concern…nah!!!