"Fake Elections Are The New Normal", By Dr. Joseph Sansone; this is a very good read and I wanted to share with you; Dr. Sansone touches the key issues

by Paul Alexander

‘The predicted red wave in the 2022 midterm elections turned out to be a mere splash. Media analysts will read the tea leaves and decipher what this means about GOP messaging and other apparently insightful lessons to be learned. This is all BS. This election was possibly more fraudulent than the 2020 election.

In 2020 Trump likely won by 10-12 million votes or more. I make that assertion based on the number of votes Trump received in his reelection campaign above the number of votes that Obama received, the number of votes Clinton was awarded, and the alleged attribution of voted to Biden. Biden allegedly received 81 million votes, Obama received 69 million, and Trump supposedly only 74 million. I have yet to find anyone to explain how Biden could possibly receive more votes than Obama while hiding in his basement. Biden probably received less votes than Hillary Clinton which was about 65 million. In Florida, Trump actually received 1.1 million more votes than DeSantis in his recent landslide victory. Nationwide, Trump received more votes than any sitting president in history.

Currently, the economy is dismal, inflation out of control, and 75% of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. In addition to these salient facts, for the past two and half years, Democrat governors have been acting like total fascists. Yet, we are to believe that Democrats gained two governor’s seats and one senate seat? This defies all logic and reason and is total BS.

Consider the case of Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis who won with almost 60% of the vote, a very similar percentage to the Republican governor of Wyoming in his victory. Wyoming is a very Republican state. Florida Republicans are not as conservative or libertarian as Wyoming. Florida Republicans are generally more moderate, although this is clearly changing since Trump and DeSantis.

Why did DeSantis win so big?

After being pressured into an unconstitutional lockdown (which did have many loopholes) DeSantis apparently recognized the con and pushed back, and even apologized for the lockdown, stating that it caused harm. Florida opened up its state forcing other Republican governors to follow suit. DeSantis pushed back on lockdowns, as well as mask and vaccine mandates. DeSantis hired Dr. Ladapo as Florida’s surgeon general. The Florida department of health gave guidance against wearing masks in community settings, then the Florida Department of Health advised against children getting Covid shots because the risk outweighed the benefit, and more recently, the Florida Department of Health has advised against men under 40 getting the shots because there is an 84% increase in cardiac death.

The governor undercut cities and counties forcing mask mandates by basically taking away their ability to enforce fines. The Florida Department of Health created broad exemptions for Covid shots allowing anybody to claim an exemption and not have to get the shot. Even healthcare workers working at Medicare facilities. This was done by creating a broad religious exemption based on an ethical or moral belief, which also states that the employer can’t ask the employee about their beliefs.

Governor DeSantis has also pushed back against critical race theory, and the grooming of children with transgenderism, and the state is about to make gender transitioning illegal for minors. Other actions contrary to the Woke mob include laws allowing motorist to defend themselves from attacks by rioting mobs and firing prosecutors refusing to enforce laws against rioters.

Florida turned from purple to deep red on the political map in a few years. Floridians have typically been moderate. This political change occurred because DeSantis is perceived as anti-lockdown, anti-mandates, and increasingly anti Covid shots, as well as anti-Woke. In short, DeSantis is perceived as pro freedom, and Floridian’s decided in favor of freedom over fascism.

This is the crux of the issue and the logical leap of faith required to believe the election results of the 2022 midterms. The Pennsylvania senate election literally gave us a brain damaged left wing fascist who is likely to of had a stroke as a result of the Covid shot. This same candidate who chased an unarmed black man with a gun in the past, dominated the black vote in Philadelphia. It is also a leap of faith to believe that Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, decided to reelect fascist governors. The same reason that moderate Floridians chose freedom over fascism is the same reason that these states would reject their fascist governors.

Freedom is popular!’