Fauci Fauci Fauci, oh where art thou Fauci? Remember when the lilliputian said this, that the best vaccination is 'infection itself'; if you had infection, 'definitively' does not need vaccine

by Paul Alexander

'if she had the flu for 14 days, then she is as protected as anybody can be, for the best vaccination is to get infected yourself, if she really has the flu, it's the most potent vaccination'

Fauci said prior infection is better than a vaccine! He forgot. Or did he?

I do think this is one of the most corrupted, inept, illogical, incompetent persons to be called a scientists. This one person did more damage to the world than any I could think of just as to HIV and COVID. His actions with Birx and others, including his boss Francis Collins, killed thousands if not millions. Globally. Globally.

Yet his inept corrupt Fauci, with Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Walensky et al. and CDC and NIH all lied repeatedly to us that natural exposure immunity was inferior and we MUST get the injection.