Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Bourla (Pfizer), Bancel (Moderna), CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID officials, deepstate bureaucracy, legacy media, WHO, & China; developed & used, in some manner, & in various roles

by Paul Alexander

the COVID virus (long in the making), I think deliberately used to damage the American economy & way of life & in so doing, using the effects of lockdowns & school closures, toppled a sitting POTUS

Yes, this COVID pandemic was used to destroy POTUS Trump!

Everything about this pandemic was devised to take out Trump. It was devised to make it impossible for him to overcome Fauci and Birx’s lockdown madness for he was lacking in a scientific background. So with this limitation, he trusted. He went along. He did approve of the response, but in doing this, it ensured he would not be re-elected.

I do believe, strongly, based on my training and knowledge of bioterrorism and biological warfare, weaponization of pathogen, brining all I know on COVID and the players together (my work at World Health Organization and PAHO as well as the Trump administration’s HHS as a senior pandemic advisor), my discussions with very senior people at WHO, US government etc., that this virus was developed with this type of intent, and it was used to severely damage the US, it’s peoples, and it’s economy, and in so doing, damage President Trump and his re-election. I think the players I named above had various roles and still do, in this virus’s development and deployment, and the devastating manner that the response was handled under Trump.

They made his response look outrageous, chaotic, unmanageable, and America ungovernable. Yet it was them who were doing the wrongs. Every lockdown, every school closures, every mask mandate, every business closures…all, every one of them failed and in reverse, caused catastrophic harms to the people. Same in Canada, UK, Australia etc. No COVID lockdown lunatic policy anywhere globally had any positive effect. Not one!

Roles in the lockdowns and school closures that badly hurt Americans and caused deaths. I have come to know too that POTUS Trump still does not understand the role of the lockdowns in hurting his re-elections and the vaccines in hurting people…they were going to crucify him with each vaccine linked death that they tamp down today and even remove and cover up under Biden.

Yes, this virus, this pandemic, this fraud of a pandemic, this vaccine, the lockdowns, were used to damage Trump and his elections.

Had Trump trusted his instincts that served him well prior, about the devastations of lockdowns and school closures and benefits of early treatment, he would be POTUS today. His decision to allow Fauci and Birx to lead the lockdown and school closures for these were their policies, not his, was a nail in the coffin of the elections. May/June 2020 he was unstoppable but the ravages of the lockdowns were baking in. By July/August they were. I am very concerned about things I saw myself as you did on election night in the media, things that make us question the result. But I was not there and there is lots I do not know.

I am talking however, about what ‘I know’. Yes, monkey business may have went on election night, but the result may have been the same without it. Monkey business may also not have occurred, we need this investigated fully. Trump may have legitimately won the election, and you must be open to the fact that he may have legitimately lost. Even with the unbelievable surge and work he did July to November to have him 1 point behind, or a couple ahead in key States, it may have not been enough to deal with the devastations due to the lockdowns. Again, people may have stolen votes, investigations may show this, but he still may have not made it up. Yet, he may have and is the POTUS.

I think the lockdowns and school closures hurt him very badly even if it appears votes may have been interfered with, again I am not definitive but many things seem so unlikely that night and something wrong happened. But I want you to know my thoughts.

We should be focusing now on how to emerge from this devastation of 2.5 years, to stop the COVID clot shot in kids, to ensure no more vote tampering, and also, how to win and get back America to where it was January 2021 when it was handed over.

People were devastated due to Fauci and Birx’s lockdowns and he must stop praising the lockdowns for they did not help, they killed people. The ventilators killed people, never helped, the vaccines killed and kill people and will kill our normal healthy children who are at near zero risk of severe illness or death and the vaccines will damage their innate immune system. All those around him lied to him, deceived him, misled him, and destroyed his presidency. Period. CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Birx, Collins etc. They all lied to POTUS Trump, people in his Task Force…all. IMO, save Giroir. Scott Atlas to me was the best thing Trump did yet the insiders savaged him. But this is a great American and he fought them…there were just not enough of us inside.

I have said I would vote for him, he deserves a 2nd shot, yet if Ron is on deck, I think he brings what we need too. We need one of them, to salvage the US that the radical left is hell bent on destroying.

I will write more on this shortly, on my further thought, I just gave details to others for keeping.