Florida: Highest Rates of Infection Occurring in Counties with Highest Vaccination Rates; the data is actually quite clear and sobering; point, no boosters, Floridians must say NO....

by Paul Alexander

The COVID infection rate for residents of Dade County, Florida Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 was 3,796 new “cases/100,000 population”; rate far higher than any other county in Florida; 94% vaxed ages > 5 yrs

Dade has a vaccination rate among the highest in the country and by far the highest rate in Florida.

No boosting…this is insanity, the booster does not work.

Highest Rates of Infection in Florida per County Jan. 6 – 13th

The following data shows the Florida counties that had an infection rate of 2,000 or more cases per 100,000 population in the past week. Note: State-wide, 72 percent of Floridians age five and older have been vaccinated. The “infection rate” for the entire state this past week was 1958 cases/100k population.

County (Percent Vaccinated 5+): Cases per 100,000 population

Dade (94 percent): 3,217/100k

Broward (82 percent): 2,453/100k

Alachua (69 percent): 2,392/100k

Madison (51 percent): 2,239/100k

Osceola (80 percent): 2222/100k

Monroe (82 percent): 2,154/100k

Orange: (75 percent): 2,114/100k

Polk (65 percent): 2064/100k

Hendry (58 percent): 2060/100k

Jefferson (56 percent): 2029/100k

Highest Infection Rates by County Dec. 31 – Jan. 6

The NEGATIVE correlation between vaccination rates and “cases per 100,000” was even more striking the prior week (Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 report*). Note: The “Cases per 100,000” average for the week of Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 was 1807/100k.

County (Percent vaccinated 5+): Cases per 100,000

Dade (93 percent): 3,797/100k

Broward (82 percent): 2,560/100k

Monroe (82 perent): 2,272/100k

Osceola (80 percent): 2014/100k

Palm Beach (74 percent): 1,963/100k

Orange: (74 percent): 1,917/100k

Counties Under 50 Percent Vaccination in Florida—Recent Infection Rates…

Florida has 14 counties where fewer than 50 percent of the county’s population (age 5+) is vaccinated. Here are those counties with their infection rates per 100,000 population this past week (Jan. 7 – Jan. 13).

No Florida county with a vaccination rate under 50 percent experienced “case rates” equal to or above the state average for the week (1,958 cases per 100,000 population):

County (Percent vaccinated 5+): Cases per 100,000 population

Holmes (32 percent): 1677/100k

Liberty (37 percent): 1731/100k

Calhoun (38 percent): 973/100k

Hamilton (38 percent): 1509/100k

Suwanee (40 percent): 1357/100k

Washington (40 percent): 1720/100k

Dixie (41 percent): 1081/100k

Gilchrist (43 percent): 1103/100k

Lafayette (44 percent):  966/100k

Taylor (45 percent): 1586/100k

Jackson (46 percent): 1551/100k

Hardee (47 percent): 1940/100k

Columbia (47 percent): 1647/100k

Bradford (48 percent): 1353/100k

Florida Counties with Lowest Infection Rates

Of the 18 counties with the lowest infection rates in Florida last week, 14 had lower vaccination rates than the state average of 72 percent. The average infection rate (“cases per 100,000 population”) for all Florida residents was 1,958.1/100,000 of the population.

County (Percent vaccinated 5+): Infection rate per 100,000

Glades (53 percent): 790/100k

Sumter (76 percent): 913/100k

Lafayette (44 percent):  966/100k

Calhoun (38 percent): 973/100k

Lafayette (44 percent):  966/100k

Dixie (41 percent): 1081/100k.

Charlotte (74 percent): 1101/100k

Gilchrist (43 percent): 1103/100k

Walton (58 percent): 1200/100k

Flagler (69 percent): 1259/100k

St. Johns (73 percent): 1274/100k

Nassau (63 percent): 1337/100k

Manatee (68 percent): 1337/100k

Hernando (60 percent): 1339/100k

Bradford (48 percent): 1353/100k

Suwanee (40 percent): 1357/100k

Collier (76 percent): 1369/100k

Desota (58 percent): 1384/100k

The data was even more striking the previous week (Dec. 31 – Jan. 6). The 16 counties listed below, which had the lowest infection rates in the state during this week, averaged 607 “cases per 100,000 population”—which is 66 percent lower than the state average of 1807 cases per 100,000 population.

The average vaccination rate for these 16 counties is 48.6 percent—23.4 percent lower than the state average of 72 percent. Nine of the 16 counties below have vaccination rates below 50 percent. Three counties have vaccination rates below 40 percent.

The Florida Department of Health data from Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 also shows the “new case positivity’ rates per county. Of the 16 counties below, the average “new case positivity’ percentage was 23.95 percent. The state average for all Florida residents for this same week was 31.2 percent.

Lowest Infection Rates per County Dec. 31 – Jan. 6, 2022

County (Percent vaccinated 5+): Cases per 100,000 population

Lafayette (44 percent):  295.5/100k

Dixie (41 percent): 489.9/100k

Glades (52 percent): 534.2/100k

Putnam (49 percent): 540.9/100k

Gilchrist (43 percent): 543.4/100k

Sumter (76 percent): 599.3/100k

Liberty (37 percent): 633.7/100k

Union (54 percent): 644.7/100k

Levy (53 percent): 649.8/100k

Holmes (31 percent): 653.1/100k

Desoto (57 percent): 680.1/100k

Washington (39 percent): 708.7/100k

Franklin (53 percent): 715.7/100k

Taylor (45 percent): 720.5/100k

Walton (58 percent): 768.5/100k

Columbia (46 percent): 778.5/100k

*Numbers for Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 have now been replaced with more recent data. The author believes the information he presents above is accurate as of the date it was published. https://uncoverdc.com/2022/01/17/florida-highest-rates-of-infection-occurring-in-counties-with-highest-vaccination-rates/