'Florida to Allow Doctors to Use Off-Label Drugs for Early Treatment of COVID-19': huge praise for DeSantis and SG Dr. Joe Ladapo; two people showing real cahones, its about time,

by Paul Alexander

Alexander, McCullough, Malone, Risch, Tenenbaum, Ladapo, Urso, Littel, Amerling, Gold, Vliet, Tyson, Fareed, Cole, Hatfill, Trozzi, Francis Christian, Kulvinder Gill etc...we called for this 2 yes now

“I think, actually, a suppression of early treatment was by design a vaccine promotion strategy.” ~ Dr. Peter McCullough

Florida to Allow Doctors to Use Off-Label Drugs for Early Treatment of COVID-19

See 2 major papers we wrote on this:

Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)

Peter A McCullough 1Paul E Alexander 2Robin Armstrong 3Cristian Arvinte 4Alan F Bain 5Richard P Bartlett 6Robert L Berkowitz 7Andrew C Berry 8Thomas J Borody 9Joseph H Brewer 10Adam M Brufsky 11Teryn Clarke 12Roland Derwand 13Alieta Eck 14John Eck 14Richard A Eisner 15George C Fareed 16Angelina Farella 17Silvia N S Fonseca 18Charles E Geyer Jr 19Russell S Gonnering 20Karladine E Graves 21Kenneth B V Gross 22Sabine Hazan 23Kristin S Held 24H Thomas Hight 25Stella Immanuel 26Michael M Jacobs 27Joseph A Ladapo 28Lionel H Lee 29John Littell 30Ivette Lozano 31Harpal S Mangat 32Ben Marble 33John E McKinnon 34Lee D Merritt 35Jane M Orient 36Ramin Oskoui 37Donald C Pompan 38Brian C Procter 39Chad Prodromos 40Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter 41Jean-Jacques Rajter 41C Venkata S Ram 42Salete S Rios 43Harvey A Risch 44Michael J A Robb 45Molly Rutherford 46Martin Scholz 47Marilyn M Singleton 48James A Tumlin 49Brian M Tyson 50Richard G Urso 51Kelly Victory 52Elizabeth Lee Vliet 53Craig M Wax 54Alexandre G Wolkoff 55Vicki Wooll 56Vladimir Zelenko 57

Early multidrug treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) and reduced mortality among nursing home (or outpatient/ambulatory) residents

Paul E Alexander 1Robin Armstrong 2George Fareed 3John Lotus 4Ramin Oskoui 5Chad Prodromos 6Harvey A Risch 7Howard C Tenenbaum 8Craig M Wax 9Parvez Dara 10Peter A McCullough 11Kulvinder K Gill 12