'Fluorofentanyl' & 'xylazine' ( street name 'tranq'): URGENT! For Americans, parents, teens, children, front line workers! Deadly Fentanyl Variant, Fluorofentanyl, Found in San Francisco Overdoses

by Paul Alexander

A dangerous new strain of fentanyl — fluorofentanyl — was found in dozens of overdose deaths in San Francisco last year while a concerning new street drug called xylazine — commonly known as “tranq” —


‘Fluorofentanyl, which can range from half to five times as powerful as prescribed fentanyl, was found in 45 deaths, while xylazine, a veterinary tranquilizer not intended for human consumption, was identified in 15 cases. Different kinds of fentanyl were found in 12 cases. All tranq cases also contained fentanyl.’

The medical examiner’s report found that fluorofentanyl or xylazine/tranq was found in some 54 out 617 cases that could be re-analyzed, or roughly 9%. The report also identified all three strains of fluorofentanyl as the most common “novel synthentic opioid” found in overdose deaths, accounting for 40 of the 54 cases.

Parents, be warned, talk to your children, this will visit their schools etc. This will kill our children and as I have said, the US military must carpet bomb and incinerate the pre-cursor Fentanyl factories in Wuhan China, the same place that has links to COVID origin…bomb them, vaporize the entire place and tell the people 2 days before, give them time to leave.