For all women out there & your daughters, anyone, if someone gets in your car & points a weapon, knife & tells you drive, or walks up behind & says follow, know if you move, you won't go home

by Paul Alexander

You never EVER move from the primary site, you will not go home; at that moment, it becomes a death fight and know you MUST be willing that moment, to fight for your life, no negotiation

And for our sons too…

The evidence shows once you move from the primary site, you will not live to tell. So:

1)you pull the vehicle into oncoming vehicles, slam it into the wall, the rail post, flip it if you have to, there is a strong chance you will survive…key is to make as much noise as possible to get attention…it will save you, never be quiet, if he says no sounds, you scream at the top of your lungs and do not stop… toss the key far, each inch you move from the primary site, the more you have lost any control of the situation.

2)do not be scared they will shoot you or stab, force them to for they don’t want to as this will attract noise etc. and if they did, chances are it will hit a non-vital area in you or organ, so you live…force them to, likely they will just bolt and it will not be life threatening or they will miss in the chaos as they are not expecting that from you. You never ever comply, there is nothing to gain for you.

3)ensure you practice with your keys and have a strong metal pen in your purse or in the car nearby always, any kind of sharp object and you take it and plunge into their eye socket or into their neck, and then keep plunging and have no mercy!

You kill them with malice for if you moved from that secondary site, you will not go home. Know that at all times, you must become an animal and your fight must be to your death if need be and chances you survive and you become the animal inside of you, for a moment and be prepared to do the unthinkable to save you and daughter.

A strong chance, that you would live.

Again, there is no negotiation, no favors he will grant, once he gets you to move one foot from the primary site, as this is what he wants to get all the leverage, then all your leverage is over, gone and now you are closer to death. Never move.

The police will thank you.

Truth is, there is a dark side in each of us, but it is heavily draped in chains, always, your dark evil side must be draped in heavy heavy chains, can’t move, just grunt, chained and bolted to the floor, locked inside a deep cell kept away and never let out to roam…Ted Bundy, Gacy, Dharma, Bernardo etc., they let their dark sides out to roam but it locked the door and never went back in, they could not get it back inside the cell, so it roamed free…we, we keep ours draped and bolted, and locked down, never to emerge but sometimes, given the crisis and gravity, that dark side, well, we must visit it, just for a moment, a few seconds, open the door and step inside the cell inside that secret dark place in you, and rattle the chains, look him in the eyes, let him grunt and roar begging to go free, but you don’t move or slacken the chains, you rattle them, shake them a bit, and tell him ‘he cannot be set free’…and that you came for a little something, for most of us, that visit inside of us is enough in that dangerous moment, to give us just what we need to rise and cope with potentially devastating situations that need us to become a mere fraction of our dark side…we have to become momentarily evil to fend off the evil…just to handle the matter…it’s in us, each of us, but we keep it draped in chains…thank God. Forever. Women, know your dark side is there, and tap it if you need to, know that you can match any foe toe to toe.