Four Horsemen of the COVID Pandemic Apocalypse; Bourla of Pfizer, Fauci of NIAID, Bancel of Moderna, Francis Collins of NIH; bringing plague and pestilence and famine to us

by Paul Alexander

These 4 beasts IMO, beasts, demons, we do not claim wrong just yet, or malfeasance, we have proper legal inquiries, proper public inquiries, & if it is shown they caused deaths, we imprison them long

Name a few more horsemen in the responses, lets broaden and lengthen this list…and horsemen can be women too…I will start with Birx and Walensky…

These people must be placed under oath sometime, and in separate rooms at the same time, so they cannot feed off of each’s testimony….and questioned not by government congress people who themselves may have profited, but by proper lawyers skilled in the art. We need a full accounting of who knew what, did what, and profited how and who caused deaths needlessly among our children…we bring Birx too, and Azar.

These people misled Trump, I fault him for being so gullible to fall for it, these were the two greatest public health disasters in history, both the lockdowns and the vaccine, he made 2 catastrophic mistakes, and he has to explain this to us, but I still do think he is the best on tap for a second term but it is only to go back to finish things he started that the nation will benefit from, and to get full accountability…no bull shit lock her up and let Clinton et al. walk…no no no, we want guaranteed investigations of all involved in the pandemic response…for lives were lost Trump, and it happened under you and you must help fix this and get accounting for the people…and I do think you were a great POTUS, maybe the greatest for I judge you in your 3rd year only (Paul ‘eunuch Benedict Arnold’ Ryan denied you the first 2 and the 4th was election and pandemic year) and it was magnificent, unlike any….but you failed twice (lockdowns and vaccine) but deserve to have the second term for you were misled, I grew to know all who were undermining you and subverting you and they were all around you…

I think on paper, DeSantis deserves to be the next POTUS for he has delivered, he has served, and is a successful governor, but I think had it not been for the pandemic fraud, Trump would have a good shot on Rushmore in what he promised, if he delivered…but on should be POTUS, I say in 3 years….ripening just nicely…let Trump finish the task and get these people like Fauci et al. and Francis Collins and Bourla if it is shown did wrong, in a jail…he has to. he has to, too many died needlessly. The pandemic response was illogical, reckless, absurd, and had no basis and people must be held to account.

And yes, finish the damn wall and yes, a concrete 50 foot wall 25 feet wide with sentry posts up top. even one with Canada based on the insanity there now.

And stop saying the lockdowns saved lives, that bull, they costed lives, they never worked anywhere.