German insurance executive who warned of the high vaccine side-effect rate revealed by billing data, has now been fired; the question is 'why'?

by Paul Alexander

Aletho is right though, his firing tells us they have superb and extensive confidence in the vaccine as to safety and effectiveness, hell, why else would they fire him?

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Two weeks ago, BKK ProVita chairman Andreas Schöfbeck caused a small uproar by writing to Germany’s vaccine regulator, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, to inquire about the high rate of vaccine side-effects evident from BKK billing data.

Schöfbeck has now been fired following an hours-long company meeting this morning, at which he was called upon to defend his letter.

Representatives from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, including its president, Klaus Cichutek, had agreed to meet with Schöfbeck and other BKK officials about their concerns this afternoon. Schöfbeck’s termination was obviously timed to prevent his participation at that meeting, which will now go forward without him.

This is the behaviour of people who have deep confidence in the safety and effectiveness of our Corona vaccines.”