Ghislaine Maxwell was sent to prison for child sex trafficking; why can't the public know who used her services to abuse children? Which high society, government officials? Can we see her black book?

by Paul Alexander

Can we know, as is our right to know who the government officials, which senators, congresspeople, Prime Ministers, Presidents, who? Which upper-crust high-society rich folk? Flight logs? Black book?

Her sex purchasing services with Epstein were used in terms of selling out young girls to rich folk, so we should be able to see who used them so we can label them as such and they too be charged with a crime. Held accountable. The most despicable people. She is one half of the crime. We do not need to know names or faces or anything about the victims, we want to know who the perpetrators were. The victims should be made whole to the extent they could be, yet the perps must be shamed in public and made known.

This is so clear that this is a cover up of high-society connected people. She committed a crime and those who used her madame pimping services to sexually abuse the children ALSO committed the crime. The children were the victims. The users of her service were not the victims. Their names are not to be kept hidden for no reason. Why is the black book hidden? Why are the flight logs hidden? Why can’t we get a full accounting of who was on the plane trips?