Good guy with a gun saves the day again, this time, killing a robber who held a knife to the throat of a Missouri gas station clerk: 'I don't think I honestly had a choice'

by Paul Alexander

"I walked up to the door and I saw him with a knife to her throat," he continued. "She was emptying out the cash register and I took a step in and peeked my head in to ask if everything was okay.

It is sad, for this is a situation of poverty, sickness in the mind, criminality in raw too, for many are bad people, let’s not fool ourselves, and lawlessness under the Biden administration and even under Trump for the Justice department allowed BLM and antifa to run amok…everyone seemed powerless so we need a POTUS who is MAGA, but can get the job done, once and for all! Putting the right mandingo ruthless people in places of power to clean out the trash.

“The man said that the suspect then charged straight at him, still wielding the knife, so the man pulled out his gun and shot the suspect four times. Once the suspect fell, he and the clerk both called police.

“I don’t think I honestly had a choice. He already had a knife at her throat, he could’ve pulled out something bigger than what I had. Then, you would’ve had two people dead instead of one,” he said.

When police arrived, emergency medical teams transported the suspect — later identified as Lance Bush, a 26-year-old homeless man from St. Louis — to the hospital, where he died.

Bush is believed to have robbed at least one other gas station earlier that morning by holding a knife to the throat of the attendant and forcing her to give him money from the register. The black SUV he was driving had also been reported stolen on Friday.”