GRAPHIC: Beijing COVID lockdown mother jumps to death in despair; Audio of daughter WELDED into her home by Beijing officials, pleading to be released sparks fury in China

by Paul Alexander

Mrs Wang, 55, lived with her 29-year-old daughter in residential building It was completely shut down due to Covid and gates were locked from outside


Distressing audio of a woman welded into her home by Beijing Covid officials and begging to be released after her mother had jumped to her death has sparked fury in China

The 29-year-old's desperate appeal came after her mother, named as 55-year-old Mrs Wang, had plunged from the window of the home they shared in apparent despair over the brutal lockdown conditions they were facing in the city of Hohhot, inner Mongolia.

The region has been in the grip of a major Covid outbreak since late September, when a new Omicron variant was first detected and the gates to Mrs Wang's residential building were locked from the outside with residents unable to open them from the inside.