GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION (GBD): if I was to consider updating the GBD to fit the 2 years now of COVID and all we have come to learn, this is my version of GBD 2.0

by Paul Alexander

If I were asked to refine or update the GBD, if at all this could be done, I would adopt the Great Barrington Declaration core document (GBD) in totality. I would still refine it knowing that COVID is winding down and OMICRON is the exist strategy.

From there, I would adjust the core tenet of strong protection of the vulnerable society members while allowing the low-risk healthy society (rest of society) to live life largely unfettered and with reasonable precautions (the least disruptions), to now include:

1) as we work to protect the vulnerable high-risk elderly, I would make available early outpatient (ambulatory) treatment with multi-drug sequenced therapeutics that have been shown to be effective in reducing hospitalization and death; in this regard, early treatment would be given to the vulnerable high-risk persons in nursing homes and elsewhere (including private homes) as soon as they are symptomatic so that this would serve to cut the risk of hospitalization and death; some have argued to leave early treatment out of this but I argue no, it has to be included for it is not enough to protect the vulnerable, you have to offer treatment if infected etc.; we also have learnt how effective it is; it allows the high-risk person to clear the virus and recover and to thus develop natural immunity

2) I would offer routine PSAs on the need for vitamin D (25-OH vitamin D) supplements and the need for healthier lifestyles and a reduction in body weight (15-20 pounds at the least); obesity emerged as a super-loaded risk factor behind age